Embracing Messy Mornings

Photo by  Caroline Ro  

Photo by Caroline Ro 

Today's my sixth post in a 31 days series about Practicing Messy Motherhood

I don't do messy mornings. It's taken me about a year and a half, but I've finally gotten our mornings into a fairly tight routine. It starts the night before because I keep the uniforms in a special place in the hall closet. Before I head to bed, I pull out the uniforms and socks and shoes for each kid. I put my Bible, whatever book I'm reading, and my journal just so on the coffee table. I premake the coffee and set it to start brewing at 5am. 

If I'm not already awake (because of my freakishly predictable internal alarm), my alarm goes off at 5:15 and I sleepily pad downstairs. I fill my cup of coffee, grab some water, and spend the first hour or so reading the Bible or praying or reading. Sometime during this time, Elias comes downstairs and snuggles up next to me and when my Bible time is over - he can watch TV. Glory joins soon and the only major rule is that they can't talk. I'm an introvert with crazy sensitivity to sound, so I need an hour or so in the morning without talking. 

At 7am, if Benj isn't up yet, I go wake him up and then I direct them to (quietly, please oh please quietly) get dressed in the clothes I've laid out for them. Ultimately I end up dressing Benja because he's too tired to do it himself and ultimately I end up talking Glory out of the 2,603 things she wants to take with her to school. As soon as they're dressed, I pull out their backpacks and lunch boxes and grab them some sort of snack to tide them over (their school serves breakfast). At 7:20, hopefully everyone is dressed and ready and I run upstairs to put on some workout clothes and brush my teeth. Nick comes down at 7:30, our amazing nanny arrives (Cannon will still sleep for another hour or so), we pile in the car, Nick prays for the kids at the same point on our 10 minute drive each morning, we say goodbye, kids pile out of the car, and we're off. 

Our mornings aren't perfect and they don't always go as planned, but they're pretty rhythmic and organized. That's what works for us and that's who I am as a mom, and it's all well and good. Except for when it's not. 

This week, I'm asking God to help me get a little messier in my mornings. Taking the time to ask them how they slept or what they dreamed about. Maybe I'll make a special breakfast that isn't easy, but shows them I really care and love them. I might get wild and take them to school late one day if they're not up on time. Mostly, more than anything, i just want to love the Lord and love my kids more than I love my routine. I want to be on mission, loving them and point them to Him in our routine. 

I want to see them. Hear them. Have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Holy Spirit might be up to. I want to let our mornings get a little messy. And I'm excited. 

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