Messy Moments

Today's my ninth post in a 31 days series about Practicing Messy Motherhood.

Last night my sister and I met up at Chik-fil-a for a quick dinner with the kids, with the plan to take them a little Fire Station Festival right afterwards. I knew it would be a later night than normal for us, but I knew I really missed my sister, and my kids were dying to see her kids. 

It was crazy town. We were the moms with the wild ones in the play-place. You know? The two pastor's wives. Cannon was double fisting ketchup everywhere. My son Benj had an absolute melt-down because he accidentally opened his toy, which meant he couldn't trade it for free ice cream (by the way - best policy ever, CFA). My kids were barefoot and wild and it. was. awesome. And hectic. And awesome. 

We ended up at the festival about 3 minutes before it was ending, long enough to let our kids see the fire truck, climb on, be mischievous and blare the horn, Glory to fall and skin her elbow, and for Cannon to be extremely frustrated with the flashing red lights in his eyes. I had to pee like crazy because what mom of 4 kids gets to go to the bathroom on a normal schedule and I knew I had a night's worth of work waiting at home for me. 

But as we got in the car, I had a gigantic smile on my face. I live for these messy moments. This where it gets good and sacred. And when I can't take a picture on my iPhone because the sunset is burning so bright and the kids are all moving at the exact same time and my sister and I are laughing, that's a good night. 

This is a good life, moms. 

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