All the details on the (almost) last day!

Back in 2010, I was a non-business-owning, non-graphically-designing mom of three kids. Our family was going through a super hard time financially and we were one of the families on the list of a local church to have all of our kid's Christmas presents donated by another family. My sister and brother in law bought us a Christmas tree. My mom shared a lot of her Christmas decorations with us. It was a rough time, but we were blessed. I wanted some heart-felt, meaningful decorations for our growing family and I decided to try and make an "advent calendar". I thought I'd make some small little decorated cards and string them up, then write something on the back of each card to do each day. 

The next year, lo and behold, I was a business owner! I'd turned those little designs I made on paper into an Etsy shop and we were selling scripture prints. We wondered if anyone else would want to buy these Advent cards and we were so excited to find out that - yes! They did! So we sold them again the next year and again the next. And now we find ourselves five years into using these cards ourselves and thousands of people across the world have joined in with us. 

This year we asked God for some vision to really grow this endeavor of celebrating Advent and so we wrote a full fledged 25 day devotional to accompany the cards. Each day of the devotional coincides to the design on the Advent calendar card. On top of that, we asked the beautiful and lovely Lindsay Letters to help us design these cards so they'd be as beautiful as humanly possible! 

But we couldn't stop there - so we also created webpages for each week of Advent to accompany the devotional. When you buy the devotional or the devotional/calendar bundle - you get access to the webpages and the passwords that protect them. For each week you'll find a teaching video, community and family questions, Advent ideas, AND a free print or two that goes along with that weeks teaching. 

So let's say you buy the advent calendar and the devotional for $50, here's what you're getting: 25 beautiful mini prints (our Advent calendar), a 25 day devotional, 5 teaching videos, 5 weeks worth of community and family Bible Study questions, 25 ideas to celebrate Advent with your kids, and a handful of printable exclusive prints to use as many times as you like! That's an amazing bundle, right? We thought so and we LOVE blessing our customers with this deal. 

Now - how about we answer a few last minute questions! 

When do I have to order in time to get these products for the start of Advent? 
To get your calendar or devotional by December 1st, you have to order by Friday November 21st at 3pm EST. We can't really budge here, please order on time! 

What if I order advent products after Friday at 3pm EST? 
You'll still get your order, but it may not be by December 1st! We'll get it to you as soon as humanly possible! 

What if I want to do the Advent devotional in a group? Can I get a discount? 
Yes! You can! We have bundles of 5 and bundles of 10. If you need more than 10, email us

Are the Advent Calendar cards numbered? 
They're not! We heard from customers last year that they want No Numbers! So that they can use the cards throughout the year in their home decor or for special projects. You can check our website to see the order they're supposed to be in if they get out of order. We do send them to you in order! 

How do I use the calendar? 
We like to hang ours with clothespins like a banner and write a small activity or thought on the back of each. Then, as a family, we take one down each day and complete that activity. For us - it's usually small and easy and quick, but helps us anticipate Jesus' coming all the more. Remember if you need Advent activity ideas, you can get them on the bonus webpages when you buy the devotional! 

Can I see a sample of the devotional writing? 
Absolutely! We had fantastic, wonderful writers join us for this devotional! You'll love them! But you can see a sample on our Facebook page

Is the devotional good for men or just women? How about kids?
The devotional is written BY men and women FOR men and women. It would probably go over most kid's heads BUT that's why we included the family + kids community questions on our webpages! 

Will you have a printable version of the calendar + devotional? 
We will! Starting Monday the 24th, you'll be able to buy the printable version of both in our shop. We do this for people who missed the deadline and really don't want to start the devotional/calendar late. 

Are we excited? 
Yes! Yes! Yes! We're excited! We cannot wait to celebrate Advent with you guys. To anticipate the birth of Jesus together, to see how He is working out Hope, Love, Joy, Peace, and Purity in all of your lives. 



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