A season of lightness.

feel free to share this image or use how you like. 

feel free to share this image or use how you like. 

A few months ago, my sweet friend Brittany told me she was praying something specifically for me. Sidenote: I love when people pop up with something they're praying for me that I haven't asked for. It's proof of the Holy Spirit at work in us, and it's like the most loving gentle correction too, right? Because if they're praying for one specific direction, you can kind of believe that you're not currently pointed that way. Anyhow, Britt came to me and said, 'I'm praying LIGHTNESS for you." I didn't have to have her unpack that. It made perfect sense. I'm a thinker (an over thinker) and I let the things weigh heavy on me. Real things, little things, abstract things. I can laugh with the best of them, but I can cry at the drop of a hat too. 

And y'all. This world IS heavy. There are so many things to sigh about. There are so many things to cry about. BUT we cannot, cannot deny or bury the fact that our Savior said - My yoke is easy and my burden is light. I don't think that leaning on that particular truth is sweeping the weight of the world under the rug - I think it's doing some serious spiritual warfare and fighting against darkness with the absolutely only tool we can rely on: Light. 

At the beginning of this month I shared on instagram that I'm going to be trying to "speak exclusively in thanks to Him" both online and off. I'm trying to allow Him to shift something deep within my ever-sighing Spirit and shake up the core of who I am. I'm learning to be thankful. I'm learning to accept that His burden is light. I'm learning to shake it off. 

And so I leave you some Taylor Swift. That fantastic theologian. The world is a heavy place and the world needs Jesus. We could get all kinds of down about the brokenness or we could share the light. We can dance in grace to the beat of God's goodness. We can swing our arms wide out in hope that He will come and heal. We can thank Him that He's still on the throne. We can believe that there is a time when the sorrow and sighing will flee. 

It's worth saying that I believe in a time to mourn. I believe in not stuffing our feelings and I don't believe in pretending like it's all ok. I just don't want to waste one more minute or one more day carrying burdens that aren't mine to carry or mourning over things that are going to burn anyhow. My confession is that I believe most of what makes up most of my daily sighing and sorrow is just about my own comfort and would be combated with believing in God's Word or spending time in His presence. That's the sick beat I want to be getting down to. 

I feel this lightness stirring deep in my heart, shifting the core of who I am and how I see the world. As I stomp my ever-growing-grateful feet around my life, taking ground and claiming thanks over what it is, I pray it tumbles forward and gets out of control. I hope that prayer and praise infuses my breath and my Words and my heart and my Spirit. I pray that He keeps growing me, for His glory. 

What about you? 

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