December Goals!

Woohoo, it's been a YEAR of working on my goals with Lara Casey's power sheets and I am seriously blessed to be finishing out this year and also - really cannot wait to start the next. Here's a quick recap of this year: 

- My main 5 goals I started with in January
(I said February and March I was genuinely just learning how to use the goals I set and also to not set them super unattainable) 
- April Goals
- May Goals 
- June Goals 
(I took July to rest and really think through my goals for the rest of the year) 
- August Goals
- September Goals 
October and November punched me in the face work-wise. I did write goals, but I didn't blog them. 

Here's what I've learned about setting goals so far this year: 
- You've got to look at them. In fact, one of my daily goals is to just glance at my weekly and monthly goals. To keep them in mind and to keep my heart focused on what matters. 
- Don't feel shame in setting the same goal month after month. Some things that are really important really take time. Don't give up because you didn't do it right the first time you tried. 
- Don't compare. Don't compare. Don't compare. I have women tell me a lot that my goals make them feel insecure and genuinely - that breaks my heart. Maybe it's even why I stopped posting them in the latter half of the year. In all honesty, there is temptation for me to feel insecure when people DON'T have as many goals as me. Am I trying too hard? Am I toiling? The point is - we've got to run the race set before US. Not the one set before our neighbor. 
- Lastly, rest is important but work is really important too. I feel like the Lord has taught me so much about work and rest this year from setting goals. For me, work is almost synonymous with serving and I want to serve more than I rest. But I have to rest so that I can serve. Both are incredibly important and worth evaluating. 

Now! On to my December goals! I'm planning on doing a big wrap up at the end of the year just counting the fruit that the Lord brought and listing things I'm thankful for. 

(monthly goals) 
- complete Influence core team one on one meetings
- finalize Naptime Diaries Q1 plans
- finalize Naptime Diaries Lent journal
- plan a no fuss, joy-filled family Advent 
- take a two week break off of work and a one week break from social media 
- run my second half marathon and pick which will be my third
- only have one "cheat meal" between now and December 24th
- write first draft of intro and 2 chapters for my second book 
- buy intentional, thoughtful, wise gifts for family, friends, and team members
- prepare for and welcome home our puppy!
- lead our kids through a screen-free December 

(weekly goals)
- go on one prayer walk weekly
- use only 1 rest day from workouts
- have a FUN date night
- get my email inbox to 0 each Friday
- send an Influence team email each week
- blog at least 1x per week to get my thoughts out
- plan our meals

(daily goals)
- 7 hours of sleep
- do 3-8pm phone free
- look at goals and to-do list
- laugh with my family

And all that being said - I cannot suggest grabbing a set of Lara Casey's Powersheets if you're looking for something to help set goals! I'll be back at the end of the month with a big recap. 

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