Put your shoes on.


Occasionally gals will ask if I have any advice for women who are looking to start their own creative businesses or grow their blogs or sell their art, or questions along those lines. My first answer is almost always - go join The Influence Network, because we created it for women like you, but my second answer is typically: put your shoes on. 

I'll unpack that in a second, but I have to say, it's not just my advice for hopeful creative business gals, it's the kind of advice I often give myself and it's the kind of advice I'd give ANY women. Moms, college students, sisters, nurses, whatever. So what does it mean? 

You might have heard the phrase "dress for the job you want", well this is the absolute opposite. I don't think there's anything wrong with vision casting and hoping and wanting a job, business, position, etc - but I think for a lot of us, we can go a step further. Putting shoes on isn't about dressing for what you hope for, it's about waking up to the position you're called to and getting dressed for it. 

See, by the time someone might come to me and ask for my best advice on running a creative business or even running their home - I'm going to assume they already feel passionately committed to, called, or in the thick of said endeavor. I'm going to assume that they won't quit based on how they stack up in comparison to others. I'm going to assume they're not measuring success by any standards other than the the ones that God put on their heart via prayer. 

Let's back up on this Monday morning. What has God called you to? What role has He given you? What dream has He planted in your heart or endeavor has He called you to pursue? Maybe ask Him for a renewed reminder that He has drawn pleasant lines for you, take your eyes off the success the world offers and remember why you started whatever it is you're in. 

And then. Put your shoes on girl. It's not about dressing for the job you want, it's about waking up and walking in the role you already have or have been called to. If you're hoping to be an intentional mom, you have the grace to stay barefoot till ten a.m., but it might help you so much more if you wake up before your kids, get your head on straight and put on some cute flats. You want to run a successful creative business? Get yourself some creative and funky shoes and don't you dare use the phrase - I can't pull those off. Who are you to say that you can't pull of any of the parts of the life that God has called you to? If you have a day ahead that is full of serving and loving and moving, put on those tennis shoes and get ready to move those feet to the glory of God. 

It's not about being cute or faking it till you make it, it's about being fitted with feet that are ready to do the work God has called you to. Walk in what He has for you. Take the work that is laid before you seriously and gratefully and let's do this week. Put your shoes on.