calling all Charleston gals!

If you're anywhere near Charleston, SC - I'd love to see you at this Influence Network meetup we're having very, very soon! It's for all women who want to make their online life mean something - whether you're a blogger, blog reader, mom, instagrammer, photographer, business owner, whatever! You don't have to be a network member to attend, we'll just be networking and having FUN!

The amazing folks at Southerly/Southern Seasons will be hosting us - we'll get to do some fun tours of Southern Seasons (think fancy chocolate tasting and product testing) and then we'll head over to Southerly for appetizers and lounging in the beautiful Charleston spring! 

I'd love, love, love to see you there. You can get a ticket to come here, the price is just $15 to cover food and goodies! And you should know - I'm a hugger. 

Jessi Connolly1 Comment