It doesn't have to be perfect.

We've moved ten times in less than nine years of marriage. 
We've owned one home and rented the rest. 
We've lived in a small swanky metropolitan townhouse and we've lived in a 5,000 square foot rickety farmhouse. We've lived in a small two bedroom house in the middle of the woods that we called our fishing shack, we've lived in a ranch in the suburbs in the pacific northwest. We've lived with family, we've had people live with us. 

I know that as far as we can see, Charleston is our city forever and ever amen. Our neighborhood is our neighborhood until the Lord moves us. I'd love for this house to be our house for a long time to come, but we'll see about that as time goes by. Our sense of home and family and place has shifted and swelled and we've had to learn how to make any four walls and the rooms within them feel like our place, a safe space to grow and play together. 

Enter, The Nester. Do you read The Nesting Place? I found Myquillin's crazy beautiful and grace-filled blog a few years ago and I was immediately inspired and excited. Here was a home blogger with the motto: It doesn't have to be perfection to be beautiful. Her pictures and tutorials are beautiful, but her words are also crazy inspiring. When I'd read The Nesting Place, I didn't walk away with a sense of not-enough, I'd close my laptop empowered to mis-treat my drapes in a beautiful way or shop my house for accessories. All in all, reading The Nesting Place has helped me love many a home over the past few years - and it's ignited a confident love of decorating inside of me. 

And now? The best news yet! Myquilln has come up with a full length book that is one part simple and stunning decor photos, one part sweet friend wisdom. It's like a coffee date with an encouraging friend and how-to-make-your-house-a-home book in one. I got an early copy and read through it in about 36 hours flat. It's so incredibly beautiful AND inspiring and it won't be leaving my  coffee table for a long, long, time. I genuinely cannot suggest a book to help you love on your home more - whether you're in a 5,000 square foot farm house or a tiny little fishing shack. 

You can buy your copy here, but I'm really excited to announce that I'm giving away three copies to three different people here on my blog as well! All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment below with your email address and maybe something, anything in your life that is beautiful that isn't perfect.