all I really want for Mother's Day

All I really want for Mother's Day? 

To wake up early and cuddle on the couch with my kids. 
I want to reheat my coffee a few times and laugh at the silly antics of my boys and wild gal. 
I wouldn't mind going to hot yoga alone or going on quick run, waiting in line for brunch with my babes and soaking in the sight of their sweet faces, telling me their funny stories and the deep desires of their hearts - like the new toy they want from Target. 

Because really, really, really deep down - THEY are the gifts. I don't need to be especially honored or graciously thanked, but I could use a few minutes to really thank God for His gracious gift of them. I don't need any flowers or even a card. But. If you're asking? If my husband is insisting...

It feels like I should oblige. And so I give you, my Mother's Day wish list. Feel free to forward to your husband if he's asking for suggestions and he won't settle for "time to reflect on how blessed I am". 

Starting top left, going clockwise
1. A fun color blocked hat. This is fun to wear and it also says, "hey! I don't mind when you wear a hat and yoga pants for three days in a row."
2. Nena & Co bag
3. Ecclesiastes 3 print 
4. My fave candle: Volcano // Capri Blue
5. A new ficus plant. I want all the ficus plants.
6. Geometric yoga pants. Again - who doesn't need permission to wear more yoga pants?
7. Persian rug printed yoga mat. In case I want to do something productive in those pants. 
8. Tortoise shell sunglasses
9. Psalm 130 print 

So, mamas - what's on your list? 
Besides the very precious theoretical time-to-be-grateful-for-your-children? 
Cause that's on mine too. 

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