Warning: Great Week Ahead.

#1. I mean, we just kind of have to tell ourselves that on Monday, right? 

#2. We've expanded our instagram life once again. To keep the record straight - if you want to see behind the scenes in our shop and get fun product updates: make sure you're following @ntdprints on instagram. For Jessi's life - bible reading, a little bit of family and business mixed, a lot of flowers, and a peak into church planting: follow @naptimediaries. And now we've got one more account! So that I don't bombard the blog and instagram with my health journey, I've started a third instagram account - @naptimewellness. It's actually getting updated a bit more than the other two right now and it might stay that way. It'll be a place for food inspiration, workout updates, general health and self-care information, and heart updates as it pertains to my health. Would love to see you on all three! 

#3. Since we're releasing a new journal this week, the remaining lent journals we have are on sale! Remember - these don't say lent anywhere on them and they're undated so you can use them whenever. Grab one before they're gone! 

#4. Our new Abide journals go on sale THIS WEDNESDAY! These journals are different than our last one. They're part journal, part devotional, part worksheets and they come with a ton of extras. Like, really fun extras. Think: weekly video teachings and downloads on a private website. Our hope is that through these journals, women across the world can slow down and Abide together over the summer. We are really, really, really excited to share more Wednesday.

See, fun week? What've you got planned?