The Abide Journal is here

Guys, we are so so so excited to announce that our 8 week Abide journal is finally ready! It's so much more than a journal and genuinely, so much more than anything we've ever done before. I'm going to post some photos below and the actual description from the shop, but I also made a quick video so I could tell you myself about what this whole thing is all about! 

Our Abide journal is so much more than a journal, so we're calling it a field guide. It's an 8 week, undated guidebook that is chock full of information and prompts to help you rest and remain in the Lord. Each week has four different elements: a short devotional, a worksheet to help guide your intentional rest, a prompt to recreate or be re-created by the Lord, and a password protected webpage that has bonus materials for you! 

The devotional is short and we also provide blank pages for you to journal. All the devotionals are derived from John 15 and Jesus' message on Abiding. 

The intentionality worksheets are essentially prompts to help you take the heart knowledge you gain from reading God's Word and flesh it out in your life. For example, if we're learning about pruning in the Bible, we'll make a list to take action steps to allow that to happen. 

The prompts for re-creation are just ideas to help you experience and celebrate the truth God is doing in your heart and in your life. We'll give you a few ideas or a small project that is very rest and abiding focused. No extra crazy to-do lists or crafts, we promise. 

The password protected webpages are for any and all who buy the journal. Your journal will come with the links and the passwords for you to view the private sites. There will be one page per week and each week will include three main things: an inspiring worship video, a quick 10-15 minute teaching/testimonial video from one of our team members, and a free downloadable high resolution print to be used how you see fit. 

Let's abide together!