my heart is in Kenya.

This past Friday when I should have been running few last minute errands and prepping things to leave for my trip to Kenya with Mocha Club, I was walking around my backyard on the phone with our team and a sad look on my face. Because of a recent increase in violence in Kenya, it was decided that it was best for us to postpone the trip until a more stable time. The money we were able to help Annie raise to benefit the school is still very much being use and the renovations are happening, we just won't be there to document it. YET. 

I have a million mixed emotions - a lot of gratefulness for the Mocha Club team and staff. They were incredibly wise and thoughtful in their decision making, as well as super caring to hear from each of us about our concerns and desires. I'm also super bummed, I was really really really expectant for what the Lord would do this coming week in Kenya. I couldn't wait to visit the New Dawn School and meet the people and really see with my own eyes what was happening on the ground in Nairobi. Lastly, I'm really spurred on. To continue to support the school, to support Mocha Club, and to pray for the people of Kenya and their well-being. 

Thankfully, after arranging a few things last minute, I don't just have to sit on my hands and wish I was in Kenya all week. A few of us are still heading to Nashville to be at the Mocha Club headquarters this week and I'm really, really excited about that. I'm ready to dig in and help there however I can, even if it's cleaning the toilets. We may have a few upcoming details about a fun last minute concert to benefit the school and I can't wait to share that with those of you who might be local! 

So there's that. 
I won't be blogging/instagramming/tweeting from Kenya this week, but you better believe my heart is there and you'll be hearing more as time goes on. 
You can read more info on Annie's Blog and the Mocha Club blog