Small Sacrifices, Right Where You Are

Today's my last day in Nashville and we're still fundraising for the New Dawn school in Kenya. If you missed the simulcast last night, we still need 21 people to partner with us. 

It's really, really simple. Sign up for Mocha Club at $18/month and make a massive different in a hundreds of kid's lives in Nairobi, Kenya. We're also trying to make it a super sweet deal for you by giving away some fantastic goodies for those of you who are the first 40 to sign up. Here's what you get: 

The first 40 who sign up to support New Dawn monthly will get this 8x10 print that the lovely Lindsay Letters and I designed together, as well as a free advance copy of Annie Down's new book Let's All Be Brave and Nish Weiseth's new book Speak

On TOP of that, we're randomly picking one of those 40 people to receive this one of a kind original art painting that Lindsay and I did together! 

We are so, so grateful for those of you that have already partnered with us, and so grateful for those of you who are going today. If you're still not sure what I'm talking about, watch the live video from our simulcast last night below! If you're looking for where to sign up, it takes about 3 minutes and you can do so by following this link and click on "Join The Club". 

Jessi ConnollyComment