Self Care Update

It's time to recap and update on one of my 2014 big 5 goals: Attain our base healthy and standard of self care. I blogged a few weeks ago about my health plan, but want to be specific and also update on self care and what is going on there. 

I wrote back in January about the 5 reasons I believe women don't take care of themselves, and also really identified what self care contains for me. My big areas that need work were sleep, showering, clothing, hair, nails, and my skin. These were the areas of my life that as a mom, as a woman, I could tell I was really neglecting myself and just not feeling super whole. I identified back then - it wasn't that I wanted to live a really luxurious life of blow-outs and facials and weekly manis, I just wanted to feel like a human on a Tuesday afternoon. Instead sometimes, if you pop in my house, you might see a really sleepy lady wearing the same yoga pants she's been wearing for days, unshowered, raggedy nails, and skin that looks like it's still wearing makeup from last saturday. No bueno, right? 

Well here is a quick update to just a few of the shifts I've made: 
1. I started REALLY taking care of my skin. I've never used one certain type of product on my face and I've never been a regular face wash user, but all that has changed. About two months ago I started using Rodan + Fields Redefine system and I literally can say it has CHANGED my face. I don't get really get even minor breakouts anymore, and people are constantly saying that my face looks bright and my skin looks fresh. I am so, so, so pleased. I would have never typically spent a good chunk of money on skincare, but I've been using this Redefine system for almost two months and I've barely made a dent in - it lasts forever! So I'm just really, really pleased. 

I've gone through Sarah Notes, a Rodan + Fields consultant and she's gotta little goodie for you guys! For any of you that would like to try some free Rodan + Fields products, she'll going to do a giveaway of a mini facial and some of their eye cream! All you have to do to enter is fill out this survey on your skin, and she'll enter one of you to win. Again, I really trust Sarah and she did wonders to help me figure out my skin. 

2. I've started a new vitamin regimen. 
After I got some blood test results back from the doctor a few weeks ago, I realized I was still missing some key nutrients and vitamins that my body really, really needed. I went to walmart and bought one of those weekly vitamin/pill schedulers that are typically only for elderly people and I feel absolutely no shame about it. I've settled on taking the following: a multivitamin, a B complex, Vitamin D supplement, and extra Iron. 

3. I'm getting serious about sleep again. For a long, long time I was the worst about getting enough sleep, and then at the beginning of 2014 - I started working less at night and getting in a solid 7 hours every night. Welllll, old habits crept back in and I started staying up later to work and getting up earlier to spend time alone. I'm really trying to religious start wrapping up whatever I'm doing at 9:30pm, head up stairs and be in bed by 10:00 to read and talk with Nick. 

Those three things together are starting to make me feel more human again, and I'm noticing small trickles of fruit into other areas of my wellness. I'm going to do a separate post on summer hair, clothes, and showering coming up soon. 

I'd love to hear from y'all. Where are you at with self care? Making small changes, big ones? 
Does it come easily or harder? Important or not to you? 
Let's talk!