May Goals + April Update

I'm excited to blog about my goals again this month. This has been a sweet accountability and reset at the beginning of each month. First - let's recap Aprils goals, shall we? 

- Launch spring line + new websites: Done!
- Execute 2 rooms declutter + decorate: our bedroom got a refresh, but I didn't get the dining room done. 
- Make a supplement plan and hair plan: I did make a supplement plan, I didn't make a hair plan. I basically just want a good idea of when I wash my hair, how I keep it looking fresh, etc. I do have a hair appt. Friday so maybe I'll work on this then! 
- Secure driver's license and passport: passport is done (yay!), license - um, not so much. I have a license, it's just a tiny bit expired. And I have to take both tests to get it renewed and the driving test is giving me a little bit of a hard time. 
- Finish and pay taxes: Done! Ouch. 
- Make family vacation plans: Yes! Done! I'm really excited to share we're going to be spending a week in June at the Deer Valley Ranch in Colorado! More details coming soon about that trip.
- Plan + execute a fun spring break: I really think we did this. 
- Finish Daniel Fast strong for Lent: done. 
- Reread Gospel Powered Parenting: almost finished. 
- Work through + execute family rhythms: I did make a plan, but we didn't start executing any. Also, a lot of you asked what I meant about family rhythms. I essentially just mean things like - how often do we have Bible time, what nights do our kids take baths on, when is the best day for us to go grocery shopping, etc. My plan right now is to hold on for dear life through May and then regroup in the early summer. 

May is a crazy, crazy month for us. In two weeks, I'll be heading to Kenya with Mocha Club, we're trying to finish the school year strong, and we have a new product coming out. My goals reflect a little wilder month - but here's what they are!

First - I'm feeling called to a little personal spending freeze. For all of May - no random Target goodies, no clothes, no books, no cute coffee mugs. I'm buying groceries and flower for the house and date night dinners and that's it. // We're releasing a new journal next Wednesday and I am literally over the moon excited about it! It has lots of fun little add-ons that I can't wait to share. // I need to think intentionally about summer and push to finish this month and all remaining projects strong. // I want to read Half the Church. // I'm planning to take one whole weekday off per week to take care of family stuff and be in community. // I want to blog my health plan as I'm moving forward after Weigh Less to Feed More program. This will be some good, much needed accountability. // One on one date with each kid - inspired by my husband who does this faithfully and Hayley. // I want to build a simple recipe book that I can keep in the kitchen for meal plan - simple, healthy, family meals that I have listed in front of me. // Redoing The Influence Shop for a new summer look, with lots of past classes! // Write 10 handwritten letters. Self explanatory. 

And there it is! 
I'm hopeful and humbled and ready for May. Which is good, since we're six days in!
How about you? What are you up to this month?