Today it's for Slovakia.

There was a period of time about six months ago where I was positive I was done with Naptime Diaries Shop. It wasn't going poorly and I wasn't necessarily tired of it, I just knew I lacked drive and vision and excitement about the business and I couldn't move on without it. 

Some of you know the story behind how we started the shop and some don't, but it was entirely on accident. We're not business-minded people and at the time, I would've never considered myself a graphic designer or artist. But - the Lord grew it and blessed it, and soon it became our family's sole income, and as it grew, I continued to lose vision for what we were doing. I'm passionate about getting scripture in people's homes, but was that enough to really drive this bus that takes so much attention and focus and passion and work? I'm not a money motivated person, so even seeing the financial growth wasn't enough to push me, since having piles of money isn't really something that lights me up. 

After I told Nick I was genuinely considering selling the business or shutting it all down, he asked me to give it a few months. Sit on it. Get through the holiday season and pray and ask the Lord for vision. And something really incredible happened. The Lord started to shift both of our hearts at the same time with a new vision: to grow Naptime Diaries Shop as big as we can, live on as little of the profit as possible, steward our money well, and give the rest away. 

We'd always been donating little bits along the way, having days in the shop for our friends, etc. But we hadn't looked at the profits of our business in a reverse manner - potentially being able to give away more than we took ourselves. And now, that's absolutely our ultimate goal. Not just giving to our church plant, but others, pastors all across the US and the World. We want to continue supporting churches in Pakistan, friends who go on short term and long term missions trips. We want to give to places likes the New Dawn school in Kenya that I'm visiting in two weeks and we want to give to places we haven't even heard about yet. Getting scripture on the walls of as many homes as possible is important and it's our number one purpose, but being able to fund projects and families and churches that are advancing the Kingdom of God here on earth - that fires us up and keeps us pushing. 

We share all of this not to boast in us, because we are hot messes in need of the gospel, but to let you into our family and business mission. When you buy from Naptime Diaries Shop - this is what you're a part of. And it literally makes us break out into the biggest smile on earth to know we're all doing this together. 

Today is one of those special days where 100% of the profits from our sales go directly to an upcoming mission trip. One of my best friends from college, Laura, is heading back to Slovakia where she has gone back and forth for years building relationships and ministering to teens. This summer, she is taking a crew from her church and here are her words about what they're doing: 

King Josiah in 2 Chronicles brought revival to an entire nation while he was still in his teens, and this is our prayer for the youth of Slovakia! Our GraceLife Church team is partnering with the ministry Josiah Venture and a local Slovak church to help host an English camp for students from the capital, Bratislava. These camps are an engaging, non-threatening environment that welcome the students to get to know the local church through relational evangelism and discipleship. And the ministry doesn't stop when we leave, it's actually just getting started! We still have about $6000 to raise to help cover our flights, so every last dollar will help! 

We love Laura and her church and we absolutely believe in what they're doing in Slovakia. We'd love if you'd partner with us today to bless them! 

Thank you guys!