Business Lady on a Break + a Blanket

thank you  Casey Chappell  for this picture

thank you Casey Chappell for this picture

Part 1: This has been a different + sweet week as our family kicks into this summer of abiding. The journal was really just the very, very beginning. The first week of the Abide journal is about recovery and I feel like I've jumped full force into a few days of recovery. We visited with the Chappell family this past week. We had a lazy Saturday and even lazier Sunday. I took my first Tuesday off (since my goal this summer is to take Tuesdays/Thursdays off), we've done the aquarium and in general - life has gotten much, much slower. And I have to say, moments are getting much, much sweeter. 

I think there is the temptation for me, with over a thousand women following along with this journal, to really broadcast what's going on in my heart and make a big fuss about it and really use the momentum of so many people to push, push, push and be loud about ABIDING! But, I feel like the Lord has called me to just be genuine and real, and live out the message that He's speaking through this journal and study. I'm still updating instagram and using the #ntdabide hashtag to share what I'm learning and reading, but I'm also taking long trips to the beach, and reading, and resting, and playing with my kids a lot too. 

If you're interested in doing the journal, we're still selling them here (all summer) and they're totally undated so you can start whenever you're ready! The bonus materials (weekly teachings, free prints, etc) will be available FOREVER so no need to rush on those! 

Part 2: When I was in Nashville a few weeks ago, I had to stop by the FashionAble offices because I love those guys, the products they make, and the purpose behind their business. I fell HARD in love with their new beach blanket and we've been using it ever since. We actually use ours on our sofa as a light summer blanket, but it's also my favorite to throw in the car and use on beach-date-nights or to wrap our kiddos in when they're chilly after swimming. 

Like all FashionAble products - the sweetest part is that you know when you buy something of theirs, you're directly supporting the actual maker of the product. This blanket is called the Mehari blanket and it's named after well, Mehari, one of the women in Ethiopia who is able to provide for her two children because of her work with FashionAble. 

Today + tomorrow you can get this stunning blanket with free shipping using coupon code JESSIFREE. I cannot suggest it enough, you'll love it!