here we go.

Ok! I am so excited that this is my last blog post about our trip to Deer Valley where I'm not using my own real life pictures! We leave early, early tomorrow at 5am to hightail our little family to Colorado. We've been anticipating this vacation for months and I can't believe it's finally here. 

I wanted to give a little backstory to how we got connected with the ranch and some of our hopes for this trip. A few months ago, I was scrolling through instagram followers and came upon this account for a ranch in Colorado. I was kind of surprised that they were following me, but super intrigued and refreshed as I looked at the pictures in their feed. Our family was in a place where we were praying and planning about what to do for vacation and I was stunned at the views, the horses, and the amazing kids activities. I immediately reached out to the folks at DVR to see if they'd be interested in me doing some social media/blogging/reviewing and we started making a plan. 

The truth is - I know so many of you are in the thick of it, like we are. I know a lot of you are knee deep in kids, up to your elbows in ministry, or swimming in the crazy ocean of small business. I know that families like ours have the odds stacked against us and we imagine that vacations are decades away, when we're really relaxed or our kids are older. But you know what guys? I think a lot of our families need intense refreshment NOW. We need to break away from our computers and our phones and sometimes even our communities and be in each other's presences. And even though it is costing us - financially, our time, and intentionality - it's totally worth it. 

So obviously, it's not going to be Deer Valley for everyone - but I bet some of your families would be crazy blessed by it and either way, I pray you're inspired to sneak away from whatever you're in the thick of, even if it takes some intentionality and creativity. We spent years and years not being able to go on vacation and having envy of families who could, but I wish someone had gotten in my face a little and said - "well what CAN you do? how can you celebrate and relax a little!?!" 

For the next few days, I'll be instagramming and blogging our trip and I want to say up front what my intentions are - since they are very much NOT to show off our slamming vacation. Remember - this blog is less of a trophy case and more of a coffee date. 

- I do genuinely hope we get to expose some people to the amazing activities, purpose, and experience of Deer Valley. I'm not even there yet, and I'm kind of blown away by their heart for families. 
- I hope that as our family swings into rest, those reading and watching are spurred on seek rest and abiding, even if it takes some thought. 
- Lastly, of course I'm praying for OUR FAMILY. That we find refreshment in one another and the Lord and nature. With this lifestyle of ministry + small business + small kids, we cannot keep running on fumes. 

And there you have it! 
You can follow me on instagram this coming week and the Deer Valley account as well! 
Next time we talk I'll be in Colorado! 

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