June Goals + June Joy

It's that time of the month again! (not THAT time, thankfully)
I'm linking up with The Tiny Twig to recap last month's goals and share this months. 
Let's skip back to May and see how those goals went. 

Go on a spending freeze. Update: I did not do this. Like, at all. So, thankful for grace.
Build + release the Abide journal. Update: Done! I love our Abide journal so much. 
Schedule summer + finish projects. Update: Done and done! I have two little long-standing projects I'm working on this week, but after that - I should be in pretty much maintenance mode for the summer work-wise. 
Read Half the Church. Update: about halfway though. Loving it. 
Blog health plan. Update: done
Do a one on one date with each kid: It wasn't intentional, but I did end up doing this. 
Start compiling a menu book. Update: not done, moved to June goals. 
Oversee Influence Shop redo. Update: this is one of the two projects I'll finish up this week!
Write 10 handwritten letters. Update: did not do, moved to June goals. 

And now for the June goals!

This month's goals are pretty self explanatory and also very slowed down since we are really trying to change our pace for the summer and start ABIDING! 

On Friday I talked a little about the June printable and how the theme behind it was a rumbling sense of joy. I have to be honest - I felt panicky and desperate for joy because my heart has been lacking it lately. For me, May came with a serious case of overwhelmed and an even more serious case of the blues. I had a heavy weight that kept walking around with me and I wasn't super sure what to do about it. I spent a good amount of time in prayer, I had my husband praying over me, and I just kept watching my heart to see what was going on. Because I have a history of struggling with depression - a week or two of the "blues" can make me feel very cautious that something is not quite right.

When I got quiet with the Lord, I found that most of my lack of joy was due to trying to be and do too much. Instead of caring for people, I was trying to carry my people. Instead of pointing to Jesus when those around me needed Him, I was acting like I was Jesus. Because I was living in fear of disappointing people, our schedule had become crazy overbooked. 

For me it took writing and compiling the Abide journal to really process a lot of this. For those of you that are doing the journal with us or for those of you who are familiar with John 15 - you'll know and you'll see - abiding and remaining in the Lord ultimately leads to deep abundant joy in Him. And that is what I'm craving, but I know that it's not without a cost. It's going to take letting Jesus be Jesus. It's going to to take learning to care, but not carry. It's going to take pruning. It's going to take rest. But I believe joy is waiting and I cannot wait to embrace it. 

Hope is rising, the time to abide is now, and joy is waiting. 
I'm ready for you June. 

Our  Abide journal  is totally undated and you can do it any time, but if you'd like to start when we start (next Monday - June 9th, make sure you order today by 5pm EST) 

Our Abide journal is totally undated and you can do it any time, but if you'd like to start when we start (next Monday - June 9th, make sure you order today by 5pm EST)