tending my garden in Colorado

I've already shared the fact that May was super rough for us and even more than that, that the past few months have been overwhelmingly - to say the least. It's been a lot like you'd expect: moving in June 2013, two growing businesses, planting a church in January. Our intentions were very much to take care of ourselves and keep a healthy work/life rhythm, but in all honestly - we were working in ways we've never had to work before. We were under stresses we couldn't have even imagined, busy looked different, hard looked different, and it was just difficult to know what our rest and boundaries should look like. 

So we sputtered into June tired. There have been many many days of tears and nights of exhaustion, crashing into bed and hoping for the best for the next day. We saw ourselves running out of steam a few months ago, and then declared our summer a deep time of ABIDING.  Because we needed it and we wondered if others did too. We started prepping our family and business for a massive slow down and we started praying about taking a real vacation with our kids. We live at the beach, so why not stay here? Because all our work, rhythms, church, and community is here. And we LOVE that, but we knew we needed to draw away for a week with our kiddos and just BE with them. 

Some of you know our story and our history, that we don't come from a ton of wealth and our family has known some incredibly lean years. Even after that season ended, we stepped into small business and church planting - which in and of themselves can both be incredibly lean and unpredictable financial times. Add into that the fact that one of our major 2014 goals is to pay off debt, and there isn't a lot of space for vacation - but we knew that this was something we needed to make happen, somehow. 

After a lot of prayer + planning, we are thrilled to partner with the amazing folks at Deer Valley Ranch. In just a little over a week, our whole family is running up to Colorado for a week or resting, adventure, abiding, and simply being together. The most amazing part is that the team at Deer Valley have decided to offer all my online friends a last minute discount if you'd like to come to the ranch the week we're there, June 14th-21st.

 For anyone booking a week long Ranch Package stay in a cabin or lodge room, you get 30% off the Package rate which includes nearly everything. OR for anyone booking a 4-7 night a la carte cabin stay - you can get 30% off the lodging rate.  This is an amazing discount!  On top of that, for any other family that books a vacation, the Deer Valley team and I are talking about arranging a little ladies-only hike + mountain top devotional time. I would LOVE to have some internet friends meet us in Colorado and join us! 

Here are just SOME of the things I'm really looking forward to about Deer Valley: 

  • The kid's program looks AMAZING. I can't wait to go on vacation with my kids, but I also know their fun is sometimes different than my fun. The ranch has a children's program for kids ages 4-11, with activities the kids can hop in on most mornings, afternoons, and nights. 

  • The food. When I did my research on Deer Valley, the thing I kept hearing rave reviews about was their food. Plus, I don't cook for an entire week. Yes and please, thank you Jesus. 

  • White-water rafting, Horseback riding, Hiking. Enough said. 

  • I love that it's a Christian ranch. Obviously, as believers and church planters, we don't want to be always tucked away from the real world, only surrounded by other believers - but we are also really refreshed by God-centered activities. Mountaintop Bible reading times are quiet hymn singing by the campfire, mmmmm hmmm. 

  • THE VIEW. The ocean is beautiful, but have you seen those mountains?

So, what do you think? Want to meet us at Deer Valley Ranch
If you're interested, email Bev today and we'd be so excited to see you in Colorado in the next week or two! If not, we're going to be blogging and instagramming our abiding adventure and you might just end up feeling like you're there! 

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