One last push.

Three weeks ago I was in love with summer. I was all heart eyes at the pool, watching my kids and not worrying about a thing. I was loving the lazy mornings and the fun late nights. Then this past week something snapped and suddenly I become all, "WHEN WILL SUMMER BE OVER? PLEASE SAY SOON." I felt crazy overwhelmed by the noise of the present and the stress of the fall pressing in from the future. Our house seemed like a massive dump of disorganization and my heart felt overly-sensitive and jumpy. I lived all last week like this until I remembered - Hey, I'm in charge over here. Am I going to live like this for a month or am I going to do something about it? 

For the next two weeks, I'll be signing off online life. No instagram, twitter, facebook or blogging. Naptime Diaries Shop is on summer break as well, so you can still purchase prints + canvases, but nothing will ship till the week of August 4th. We're in the throws of cooking up big stuff for the fall - our fall line coming out August 13th AND our Advent calendar + devotional that will both come out October 1st. On top of that, a slight change will take place on August 1st in that this space will officially become my personal blog - Jess Connolly - and Naptime Diaries will separate and only be the shop. In honor of that day, we'll be having a MASSIVE giveaway and I think that will be a great time to come back from this little internet break. 

My hope is that after two weeks to really dig into abiding, I'll have some fresh words and I'll find the inspiration to get this fall line cranked out! In the meantime, I pray you're well and that you're finding refreshment in the Lord right where you are today. 

Love you guys and see you August 1st!