Our Fall Line of prints!

We've been working on this Naptime Diaries fall line for almost a month now and I am so excited to finally share it! For me, this collection of prints is all about community. We have this amazing new team in place, and I feel are really meshing. On top of that, we're developing sweet community with other artists, we're being able to contribute to new causes and church plants, and then there's you guys: our amazing customers and friends. You've been so supportive of what we're trying to do over the last few years and we cannot say thank you enough. 

The best way we can thank you? A sale, of course! Go enjoy over a dozen new prints, a family + parenting bundle of prints, AND a 25% discount off everything using coupon code FALL25. 

But back to that community, here are a few new characters we want to introduce you to. 
Jen: our new creative assistant, "The Eyes". Jen is a creative mastermind and we're so excited to have her on our team! 
JaceyMost of you know Jacey already, but her title has officially become Business Manager for Naptime Diaries. She's also known as "The Power". Jacey is basically in charge and she handles everything with grace and sweetness. And I love her lots and can barely do a day without her. 
Alicia: "The Hands" Alicia has been working for us on and off the past few months but now she's coming on heavy duty and taking over all shipping + customer service and she is amazing. She's funny and lovely and a blessing to be around. 

Nick and I are still obviously working for Naptime Diaries, but we're so grateful to have these amazing ladies on our team. 

Three other people to meet: 
Caroline Ro:
Caroline Howard has been helping us with photography for the last few months and we can't be more grateful. Not only is she a fantastic photographer, she's a good friend, and a passionate follower of Jesus. 
Blakely LittleBlakely is a super talented local artist who provided the background for my favorite new print - 2 Corinthians 1:20. I cannot get enough of this beautiful painting!
Chris + Cassandra Kuykendall: One of our favorite parts about this print shop is being able to bless multiple ministries and churches and these guys are seriously going to be fun to bless. From here on out, a portion of all our sales will be going to The Kuykendalls as they plant an amazing church in Amsterdam! They also run a scripture print shop, and that makes them doubly cool to cheer on. 

And those are our people!
And this is our fall line!
Now what are you waiting for?
Get over there and use that coupon code! 

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