A Wild (ly Co.) Adventure!

Hayley Morgan (of The Tiny Twig!) here. Jessi has graciously allowed me to share with those of you who are in the thick of some big dreaming. I am in the middle of my own big dream right now--and I figured it might be of some encouragement. :) You can follow along the Wildly Co. fun on Instagram, too!

Do you ever catch yourself dreaming when you're washing dishes? Maybe you're staring out the window, hands full of suds, watching the kids climbing over each other and racing out in the backyard. You're in the thick of normal life, and sometimes your mind might wander. It might wander to things you'd never share out loud. Big ideas and scary, crazy hopes. 

And Wildly Co. is my scary, crazy hope. It's the kids' clothing line I'm starting with my husband Mike. It's our wild hope for our family--and our wild hope to transform the way we shop for our kids. We want everything for our kids to be feel-good. To have a good story attached to it before it ever gets to you. Who wants to know that their kids' skinny jeans were sewn up by someone who should be sitting in school not in a factory?

This is the craziest dream we could have had. I have no experience in apparel design or manufacturing. I had no contacts in the industry. My husband was employed full-time by a global industrial company. It was so outside of our comfort zone--I didn't even super care that my clothes were ethically made...I cared that they were cheap. But, God made it clear, this was what He has for us. So, we've dug in and tried to learn about the systemic problems with fast-fashion, we've made contacts in the industry, and we're figuring it all out. 

I only say that because I know your crazy, scary hope may not look anything like your life today. That probably feels cruel, like it's a bigger divide than you can cross. And, that may make you think it's impossible or silly or not-for-you. But, maybe it is. And maybe God is going to stretch you and point you in a whole new direction and make a whole new way. 

My big, scary, crazy hope feels like it's too much to do alone. So, we're inviting/asking nicely for a community to come around us. We're running a Kickstarter right now--and we're SO close. I'd LOVE for you to watch our video and see if you want to be a backer, a pray-er, or a cheerleader for Wildly Co. We all need someone to believe in the things we hope for. 

We'd LOVE to have you join more than 200 people who are already jumping into this big, scary hope with us. And we'd LOVE to cheerlead you in YOUR scary, crazy hope. We believe in the dreamers, the big-idea-havers. We believe in the leap of faith-ers and the crazy ones. We believe in the mom who wonders why something can't be different or the dad who wants to be around for his family more. 

If there is any way Wildly Co. can help serve YOU, please let us know!! :) We'd be so honored.

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