August Goals Update

Hello friends! I'm back to blogging about goals and this month I've got my monthly goals ready and also my next 5-6 month goals redone. I'm still using Lara Casey's PowerSheets to work on my goals and could not love these more. For me, they just help me really work through what's important, what matters, and what really needs to happen in my day to day life. 

I didn't anticipate my big five goals for the six month period to change, but as I worked through another set of powersheets, there were little nuances and shifts in my heart.  I think these small shifts will probably end up making a huge impact on my monthly goals, weekly tasks, and daily schedule. I'll talk a little about those below. First up - my big five goals for the next six months. You can see the last six month's goals here and how they've changed a little. 

Some changes from the first half of the year: 

- I felt like the Lord showed me that I could include walking with Him and my health (and a bunch of other things) as one my goal - my wholeness. Two big words you'll see a lot through my goals - walk and love. That's because I feel like both of those I'm meant focus on - walking forward, daily and consistently, in what He's given me. And Love - because, well, Love.

So as far as wholeness, letting Him love me means knowing that to feel good and whole everyday, I need to do the following: spend time with Him, put on some sort of clothes and makeup, exercise, eat clean, and have a few minutes to myself somehow, someway. Obviously those things don't happen every single day without fail, but I'm acknowledging that I need to just keep walking and moving forward in this as best possible. 

- I felt like I needed to make Nick a priority all on his own. Our marriage isn't in trouble and honestly, after a rough summer, we're in a really sweet place. But, the next six months are very big ones in our lives - our church really kicks off as we move to weekly services and I'll be writing and speaking more than the past. I know that I know that we need to be as intimate as possible. And that feels like something to focus on every single day. 

- I'm feeling the conviction to really hone in and focus on my role in our home and family. Obviously, I think most moms feel this pretty consistently, but like I said, things are going to be really picking up work and ministry wise for us. In light of that, it was important to me that I put some intentional thought into HOW our family would come first, not just assuming it would. There are some areas I need to grow for our family: spontaneity, letting go of things, etc. And there are some things I need to get excited and passionate about again: doing devotionals with our kids, cooking (sad, but true). 

- I took budget and paying off our debt off my goals. It's not because it's not important to me, we're still very much hoping to be debt free by the end of 2014. But, Nick has done an awesome job putting our debt payoff and budgeting into motion, I just need to follow Him well in sticking to it. And that kind of falls into my second and third goal. 

One last little heart note. Doing my goals again and using the power sheets, the Lord did some sweet (continued) healing in my heart about my body/health/weight. That was such a huge goal for me the first half of the year and I felt like my hope then was to lose a bunch of weight, really get healthy, and not have to worry about that anymore.

Through doing my goals again, I started to see that I don't really want to be a certain weight. I want to be who God has made me. I want to walk in what He's given me. I still want to exercise and work hard and eat well and be as absolutely healthy as I can be and I know that will include losing weight, but losing weight isn't my goal. In light of that, I've totally stopped weighing myself and I'm feeling more freedom (and fruit!) in this area than ever. 

Ok! Enough about all that, in light of that - here are my August goals! 

- Move bedtime back to 10pm. 
- Establish kid's school year bedtime routine. 
- Launch Naptime Diaries fall line - August 13th!
- Read from Good to Grace (got an advance copy, cannot wait for y'all to get it)
- Finish our Advent Devotional + Influence Conference devotional 
- Deep declutter our downstairs: closets, office, kitchen
- Establish boundaries and clear definition for my role with our church, Gospel Community
- Stick to our fall family budget
- Have one Gospel Community strategy meeting with Nick and help update the website
- Host a mom's playgroup with the gals from our church 

And that's it! 
Now, how about you guys?
What do you have going on this month?
Any shifts in your heart or mind as it relates to the next six months? 

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