It's almost time!


They days are ticking down and we're just a little over a week away from the THIRD Influence Conference! How is that even real? I can't believe it! I'm going to blog a little more in the week about where my heart is at after walking with this community for the last few years. But for now? I'm just hopping on with our little get-to-know-you linkup! If you're coming to the conference, join in!

Share 1) a recent picture 2) what you're most looking forward to and 3) something you wouldn't leave home without. 

This is me, Jess. Cofounder and one of the Influence hosts. 
What I'm most looking forward to: genuinely just seeing this community as a whole. This has been such a year of GROWTH for this whole community and for our women individually and corporately. I'm excited to worship with y'all, hug y'all, and I'm really excited to move forward with you ladies as well. 
What I won't leave home without: he new Influence devotionals that Naptime Diaries designed! I can't wait to give you guys these beautiful stinking devotionals. I've been getting the sweats about getting all 300+ copies there safely, but it's gonna be great. 

Ok! I can't wait to read about all of YOU. Let's do this! 


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