September 2014 Goals

I'm not even going to apologize or make an excuse that it's September 8th and I'm just now blogging about my monthly goals. 

The other day, our roommate Brittany (who's birthday it is - HBD Britt, we love you!) and I were picking out our nail polish at the nail salon. We were debating between the dark darks and the brighter reds and we both agree, we want it to be fall and we want it to be time for the dark darks. But it's September! And that means there's (at least here in Charleston) a sweet mix of summer swirling with the promise of fall. Because I'm such an anticipater, September is slowing become a favorite month of mine. SO. MUCH. TO. ANTICIPATE. 

Sweaters + Scarves.
Oh gosh, I know y'all feel it too. 

So without further ado, here's a recap to my August goals and an update on September. 

- Move bedtime back to 10pm. I didn't do this. Just being honest. 
- Establish kid's school year bedtime routine. I think we've got this down! 
- Launch Naptime Diaries fall line - August 13th! Done! 
- Read from Good to Grace (got an advance copy, cannot wait for y'all to get it) Haven't finished. 
- Finish our Advent Devotional + Influence Conference devotional Done on both! 
- Deep declutter our downstairs: closets, office, kitchen Office got done, kitchen did not. 
- Establish boundaries and clear definition for my role with our church, Gospel Community Done! 
- Stick to our fall family budget. m. August was good, we've had a rough start to September. 
- Have one Gospel Community strategy meeting with Nick and help update the website. Had several and done! 
- Host a mom's playgroup with the gals from our church. Didn't do this, moving to October, totally not even trying to do it in September because we have so many little things going on. 

Here's a trend I'm noticing with my goals. Business goals - I almost always hit. Personal goals are a lot easier for me to skip out on. I think this is partially due to the fact that my business supports other people, so I feel the weight to make sure that train is always rolling. But I KNOW I need to see personal goals the same. When I'm feeling personally healthy, our whole life balance is a lot better and our family runs smoother. But now onto... 

- do a 10 day juice cleanse
- help Nick transition to weekly Gospel Community services
- start some sort of devotional plan with kids (we picked Exploring Grace Together)
- pick interior paint colors for downstairs + make a paint plan
- finalize advent devotional + calendar for NTD
- make family recipe book
- pour into GC core women via friendship, prayer, wisdom
- finish cleaning out all closets
- finalize book proposal with Hayley and our amazing agent Jenni
- have an amazing CONFERENCE with my people! :) 

This month is really about just running in what we've started and doing it well. I keep reminding myself - it's not a month to start something new. It's not a month to try and conquer the world. We're moving to every weekend with Gospel Community, hosting a few events in our home, having our yearly conference and I just want to get through it all healthy and well and whole. And I know the Lord will help me do that. 

So I'd love to hear - what are your September goals?! 
I'm linking up with The Tiny Twig // Goals With Grace if you want to be inspired by all those goal-oriented gals as well! 

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