When I'm 80.

I feel like I'm at the beginning of a really fun start. Finally, finally I have that feeling about 2015. It's now officially the 19th and I've got my base goals for the next few months ironed out. I've had some important meetings, I've gotten my email inbox cleaned out. I've processed 2014 and started to dream for 2015.

But in all honesty, I'm still really waiting on some fresh vision for this blog in particular - what does God want me to write about? How often? Who am I still writing to? As I'm mulling those thoughts over, I've really considered how much of my goals I want to share. Share the goals monthly? Share the big dreamy ideas? Share what didn't work to help other people? I'm just not sure. But as I did my powersheets for the third time at the start of this year, one of the exercises really stood out to me the most and that was writing out what I want life to look like when I'm 80. 

Really I can't say it enough, the power sheets are straight up powerful and they have so many exercises to help you even know what your goals are and why that matter, then a host of exercises to help you actually make them happen. But this one little page rocked my life this year. And it feels true and really life shifting. And so I want to start with sharing that. 

After that, however, at the end of this post - I have a little survey that if you're so inclined, I'd love for you to fill out. I'm hoping it will help me jar some things loose as I plan for this space for 2015. If you stick through to the end, you might find a little surprise. Without further ado, here's where I want to be when I'm 80. 

When I'm 80, I want to be living effortlessly wild and free with God. For now, I feel these snippets of wild and these snippets of free, but mostly it feels like I have to really work to lay hold of it. Yeah, effortless and on purpose. I want to be furiously and passionately igniting freedom in other women as I point them to Jesus. I hope I'm waking up on purpose, walking through my day with an expectant smile, and pointing a wrinkly old hand at hearts saying - YOU ARE NOT TOO MUCH, YOU ARE ENOUGH. CHRIST IS MIGHTY IN YOU. 

At 80, I'd like to be joyfully cheering on and learning from those coming behind me. My daughters and grand-daughters. My nieces and great nieces. Lord - I want to be humble, so grateful for what you're doing in them. I want to feel like I still have so much to learn and that I'm still so dependent on You to grow. Still dependent on Your church to grow. Still dependent on new wisdom to correct and spur me on. 

When I'm 80 I want to feel sweet and tender and appreciative of my man, Nicholas Connolly. I want to rest beside him knowing God has wrung us out for His glory. I want to hold his hand and smile when he wakes up in the morning. I want to pray with Him and raise our arms in worship together. I'd like to have traveled the globe with Him and I'd like to have sat still with him a good bit too. 

When I'm 80, I want to be expectant and joyful about meeting Jesus in death. I want to be in awe of all that He has done and out of my mind excited to see heaven. I want to be grateful for the work I've seen Him do, but count it all worthless in comparison to knowing Him more. 

When I'm 80, I want to be known as a listening servant - the one who makes the coffee and hears and says, "let me tell you this thing God did". When asked, I want others around me to feel like I always make time for them, but for them to be aware that I am always spending time with Him. 

When I'm 80, I want to known as someone who was known by Him and sought hard to know Him more. I want all my accomplishments to have melted into one great pot: grabbing the Kingdom of God and making it real to us on earth. 

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