Cause Y'all I need a plan.

I know, I know. Every blog doesn't need a plan and every blog reader doesn't need to know the purpose behind everything. But I can't help it y'all! If you read Wednesday's post, you now know how I like my eggs. And you know that I'm a planner. And I love a good purpose.

When I go on a road trip, I like to know all the steps. When are we going to stop for coffee. When will we get there? Who is going to loan me their celebrity gossip magazine since I'm too embarrassed to buy my own?

So I want you to know where I'm going. And more than that, I want a little accountability and a little covenant between this blog and I. I don't think everyone on earth should blog or use instagram, not in the slightest. But I feel called to do both and I feel called to do both well. So here's where we're going. Most of these decisions were based on the survey hundreds of you took earlier this week, some prayer and deep thinking, and my own opinions and hopes and wishes. 

More personal stories. The majority of people who filled out the survey said "more personal stories, please!" and what do you know? I LOVE telling stories. I'm a memory keeper and I could think, think, think on past events and occurrences all day long. Yesterday was the first post in a series called Stories that Shaped Me and I'm so pumped to keep writing those. 

Not from Lack. See I have this deep and hilarious desire to be fashion and beauty blogger. Well, not really at all. I hate photoshoots and I really don't like trying on clothes, but I do feel this stirring in my heart for more of these types of posts. I'll probably be doing some more light-hearted fashion + beauty + self-care blog posts, not because that's what matters about life but because I believe so many of us women approach our outward beauty from a place of lack. We don't feel pretty enough, so we don't get dressed. We don't feel like our faces are thin enough, so we don't have fun with makeup. We're convinced we're not young/stylish/fun enough to try fun that hair tutorial. But that? Is rubbish. So I want to do some fun light-hearted posts to help those of you who need a kick in the pants to approach beauty from a place of worship, and not a place of lack. 

There are a few other types of posts I want to write more about this:
(More in Awe) - a few months ago I changed both my instagram + twitter profile to say, "I want to leave my generation more in awe of God than I found them". And I genuinely feel that. So I'd like to start pulling that thread and see what that would look like. 

(What I'm learning as a pastor's wife) - a lot of you in the survey asked for advice on being a pastor's wife or updates on how the church plant is going. Man, I'll tell you our church plant feels covered in God's grace, but I feel like I have so little wisdom to give on being a pastor's wife or a church planter's wife. But I'd love to dip my toes in and tell you what I'm learning as well as updating more often about how Gospel Community is going. 

(Behind the business) - in this survey and the one I did last year, we heard a LOT of this. People want to know what workdays are like, how we make our prints, the struggles of owning our own business, etc. I want to do better about writing about this a little more often but I'd also love for you to know - we cover this a lot in our Naptime Diaries newsletter! Each week it goes out on Thursday's and shares a peek into our business. But I'll definitely dive into that a little more this year on the blog as well. 

(Book, what book?) - a lot of people mentioned in the survey that they'd heard me mention writing a book and never heard what it was about or anything else. I genuinely cannot wait to share about that more SOON! Getting to this step in publishing has been a sweet little walk and I'm really excited to share more about what I'll be working on this year. Mostly because the topic of my first book is what makes my heart beat faster and it's the message I want to be sharing most right now. So more to come on that, ASAP! 

(Lastly, let's talk family) - I'd say that over half of the written in questions and comments on the survey were centered around the following: Why don't you post more about your kids on social media? Write more about motherhood! How do you raise 4 kids and stay sane? How do you balance family and business? 

Can I be super vulnerable for a minute? I know none of those questions were meant in any way to harm me or attack me, but the enemy used them + my insecurities as a mom to just cripple me. Motherhood is still my most tender area. I can't imagine writing any advice I'd have for anyone in this season because I honestly don't feel like I'm doing good at all. I have to fight lies about our family and my ability as a mom almost daily and I'm also in a season of just really changing what I need to change to make our family work. 

Logistically, I don't post on social media about our kids because I typically only post a few times a day and most of it is when I'm working and not with them. I also started using the practice of asking them if I could post something, and it turns out my kids are a little modest about the internet. So while I may not start posting baby or big kid pictures on instagram every day, I'm going to prayerfully think through how God might want me to share where my heart is about motherhood right now. 

All that being said, I'm really excited about being a more consistent blogger this year. Not because I need to and surely not because any of you need me to :), but because I feel like this blog is a sweet gift from God to help process and pass on any fruit He brings. Also, you know how they say sleep begets sleep for babies? I'm praying that for me, writing begets writing. And the more small processing and posting I do over here, the easier words will flow for some of those bigger projects I'm excited to share. 

Hope you guys are well and I can't wait to do 2015 on this site with y'all. 

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