November Recap + December Goals

Honestly, I'm having the kind of day where I'm feeling like NOVEMBER STUNK, LET'S MOVE ON. 

BUT! I'm determined not to stay there. There are plenty of ick things I could say about November, mostly about how I feel like I didn't do things well in November, but instead - let's count some fruit of what God did and helped us do. 

- I finally built our "homework room". The home office is our house has been a blank space since we moved the Naptime Diaries office to a freestanding space back in March. Blank space sounds nice and inviting, but what it turned into was DUMPING GROUND. The room constantly just held grocery bags, laundry, old beach equipment, strollers, and bikes. I wouldn't mind it being a little storage space except that it is the very front of our house. So.... it became a homework room! After months of procrastinating, we got our stuff together and turned it into a real space. And I really like it! 
- I dyed my hair pink. I really don't want to keep harping away on how hard November was. Because it wasn't tragic or fatal. But genuinely - October and November left me feeling really weary and less than excited. Battling illnesses and heart issues. And I felt like a good wild hair dying session would be worshipful and life giving. And it was! I love having pink hair. You can follow my pink hair progression on instagram.
- Nick and I took a day away from all the things and ran to the mountains. I massively credit my man and the Lord for this day. I had been craving the mountains so badly and I just didn't see how it was every going to work with our schedule, but Nick surprised me and planned the whole thing. It was just the respite and rescue we needed for 24 hours.  
- The Lord helped us through our craziest month of the year at Naptime Diaries. I use crazy in such a neutral sense. It's great because MORE PEOPLE ARE ORDERING SCRIPTURE FOR THEIR HOMES + WALKING WITH GOD IN ADVENT. But it's crazy because we are constantly running product stock numbers, answering emails, sending out orders, pulling in extra people, while also just trying to market in a really genuine and effective way. I feel like the Lord really helped us through this month with a joyful and happy heart. Massive thanks to Him and our amazing employees. 
- We had sweet family time in November. We had more intentional dinners, we did a few special activities together, and in general - I feel like we all enjoyed each other. I'd love to make sure our time together in December is a little more protected since November felt like WORK/FAMILY/CHURCH/ONLINE was always mixing. 

BUT NOW. I'm ready for December. If I was just rattling and processing I'd tell you that I hope in December I put my phone down more. I hope I spend a lot more time reading the Bible. I hope I yell at my kids less. I really hope I eat healthier and end the year not feeling defeated about my health, but feeling excited and hopeful. Those are all real yearnings in my heart, but here are some actual put-down-on-paper goals to help me get there. 

- Finish reading Sandcastle Kings and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
- Spend one day with the Lord praying + doing Powersheets
- Blog at least 5 times
- Revamp No Filter Newsletter system
- Execute a simple and fun Advent with the kids
- Begin book proposal for my second book
- Write 10 notes to friends + family
- Design Verse of the Year line for Naptime Diaries
- Get back into a good exercise schedule
- Make a one page proposal about a new business idea I have! 
- Phone free 3-8pm! 

And that's it. I'm excited to come back at the end of December and see where the fruit is. 
Now... I'm off to keep shaking off the grumps of November! 

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