A Self Care Win!

Around the middle of December I was recapping my 2014 goals with some friends and talking a little about self care and what a huge thing that was for me in 2014. It meant so much to me when my friend leaned over to me and said, "You know? I've really seen you grow in that area and I've seen it make a difference in your life." She totally didn't have to say that, but woosh - doesn't it help when people cheer on the fruit of our goals? 

Last year one of my 5 goals was to "attain my base healthy and standard of self care". I wouldn't say I reached the very end of either of those goals, but I got some serious vision and wisdom in both. I feel like I'm well on the right path to taking care of myself so that I can take good care of others AND it's not in a time consuming way. My big areas were: sleep, showering, clothing, hair, nails, and skin. I might update on all of those as 2015 rolls on, but really quickly I wanted to share a skin update. It's one of the things I get asked about most and I'm really happy to share what I use. 

I've now been using Rodan + Fields Redefine system for almost a year, and guys - I am still the biggest fan. I ran out in the early fall and tried for about 3 weeks to use other skincare and it was bad news bears. My skin immediately started showing all the signs of things I'd been fighting: dullness and breakouts. Can we just say it and get it out of the way? 30 year old skin is hilariously the pits. Wrinkles and zits at the same time? It's like a fun little joke. 


The thing is? I don't want my life to be about beauty. I don't want it to be centered around thinking about myself. But I want to do the wisest thing to take care of myself now so I can continue to take care of other people for a long, long time. 5 minutes a day in the morning and 5 minutes a day at night with the Redefine system is definitely my answer for that. It costs A LOT. More than I've ever paid for skin care. But it lasts forever (6-8 months) and for me, I believe it's totally worth it. The other reason I genuinely love using Rodan + Fields is because I get to support a gal who is trying to bless her family through business and that always helps bring a little more joy and purpose to washing your face. 


Sarah is my official R + F "dealer" :)  and you can click on any of the links above to head to her online shop! But, she went the extra mile and made a video for you guys so you can get to know her more. It's my joy to introduce you to Sarah and the amazing products she introduced me to! I'd love to hear what is working for you guys - skincare or self care wise! 

Much love! Jess. 

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