Alright, Alright - Let's Talk Goals.

Well, well, well. It took me till February 5th - but I'm finally ready to share my 2015 goals and more specifically, my specific goals for the month of February. 

You may or may not remember, I had kind of a rough start to the year. I learned a lot about not putting so much pressure on January 1st and ended up giving myself the whole month of January to get my head on straight. I worked on my goals and made a list of things I knew I needed to do to get to a pre-goal-setting place, a few of those last niggling projects that were taking up space in my brain. 

But now! I'm really excited about my 2015 goals. In the future I may unpack each of them in depth a bit more, but for now here are the big points. 

1. Live a Wild and Free faith with Jesus. Keep walking, praying for revival, forcefully laying hold of the Kingdom, exercising gifts, knowing Who my Hope is in. 
2. Marriage Revival. Walk as like minded best friends, cheering one another on, walking intimately with God together, leading + submitting, loving + honoring, fanning the flames of one another's gifts. 
3. Family Revival. Believing God for more, sowing into our family, going on adventures, seeking God and His Kingdom together, knowing + being known, serving together, fanning their flames. 
4. Church Revival. Being together, praying together, growing intimate friendships, calling on God intimately together. 
5. Lead Naptime Diaries Shop to growth. Grow as a boss, as a servant, as a creative. Grow the business to be more efficient, more intentional, more professional, really squeezing out what He has for us.
6. Live a Simple Life. Simple wardrobe, simple belongings, simplified schedule, clear cut responsibilities - so I can run faster + further. 
7. Use My Words. Write a book with a burden for Christ alone, write a blog to process well + point others to Christ for inspiration, pray for the right speaking engagements, write lots of private encouragements, speak truth when asked (by God or people). 
8. Shepherd The Influence Network. Shepherd + lead our team.  Pray for revival in our women. Lead by example. Work and see what God grows. 
9. Set Boundaries + Stick to them. Find the places that are tender and need better boundaries and set them by saying (and sticking to) Brave No's. 
10. Take Care of Myself. Eat well, exercise often, seek wisdom, find and own my style, grow with friends, refuel and take breaks - to care for others well. 

I've shared this before, but for me - making these main goals for the year are really how I break down my monthly/weekly/daily goals using Lara Casey's powersheets.
So - now, on to February goals! 

monthly goals 
- plan a simple and passionate Valentines Day with Nick
- have one Gospel Community planning day with Nick 
- reconfigure our afternoon + evening rhythm (it's not working for me right now)
- have one intentional family adventure 
- develop rhythms for spending time the Gospel Community people I feel called to invest in
- read Essentialism and Go Small
- begin a capsule wardrobe and take pictures of it 
- normalize into book writing schedule
- change my cell phone number and re-write the rules on how I use texting (more on this coming soon)
- normalize into exercise routine 

weekly goals
- one engaged and fun date night
- one real + engaged devotional night with kids 
- one intentional planned kid time per week
- prayer walk
- one purely friend event
- blog twice a week
- one "cheat meal" only per week
- workout 5 times at least
- complete weekly work checklist
- connect with my Mom and sister

daily goals
- praise // confess // proclaim 
- phone free 3-8pm
- drink enough water
- pray with a family member
- love on Nick 

And that's that! February 2015 goals!
I'm going to spend today in the comments if you have any questions and I'd love to hear about some of your goals and hopes for this month! 

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