He is on the move.

I shared in my February recap + March goals that I don't think I'd had such a discouraging month in business in a long time. Nothing felt broken or terribly wrong, I think just months and years of pushing off discouragements and doubts began to catch up with me. I started to really genuinely doubt my ability to make things as an artist and really doubt what the point was. For me, money is never going to be a motivator and my main passion has always been MORE WOMEN SEEING + KNOWING GOD'S WORD. But I started to look to the left and the right too much and I started wondering "why bother?" when there are now so many people doing what Naptime Diaries does. 

I share all this mainly to point out how wrong this thinking is. I think I got fatigued with telling other women that there's room for us all! and the world needs more art! and I stopped believing those truths for myself. One day my amazing friend Lindsay was hearing my heart about all of this and she said, "Why do you think the enemy is targeting your business?". At the time, sales were fine and our team was doing amazing, but my passion and drive and excitement for Naptime Diaries was clearly under attack. I was so in the thick of it and I couldn't really see that, and I confessed to her, I didn't necessarily think the enemy was after me. I just felt like a fraud of an artist and a businesswoman, not really able to keep up in either areas. I wondered if the Lord wanted me to just focus on writing and hang up my business lady hat and I spent a lot of time praying through that. 

It was right around that time that the Lord dump-trucked me with this very hilariously simple idea: a Naptime Diary. I've always giggled about how the name of our business is Naptime Diaries because that's what my blog used to be called, but that has very little to do with scripture prints. But then, it all kind of clicked. I LOVE making scripture prints (and we'll never stop), but what I really need most in my life is a Naptime Diary. 

Like all you other mamas out there, my four kids are basically my whole world. I run two businesses and write books and get to do other fun stuff, but the sun rises and sets with those guys. They're who I think about the most, they're the people who get the first fruits of my energy. If things aren't right with my husband and my kids, my whole day feels off. They're my people. They're my first ministry and they're the ones who really make my heart beat faster. And I need an intentional product to help me really process my life with them + cast vision over my life as a mama. 

The Naptime Diary will be a product we'll rerelease every quarter. It is just for moms for now, but I'm praying through the idea of some other kind of mid-day perpetual devotional for women in other seasons as well. This is a mini-devotional and journal with guided pages each week to help you really count the fruit of what God is doing in your family and cast vision as well. Utilizing the diary shouldn't take you more than a few minutes each day, but it should help you feel refreshed in hope for your life as a mom.  It will last for twelve weeks and we'll constantly be selling Naptime Diaries, releasing a new cover each quarter. 

Dreaming up the Naptime Diary with the Lord felt like the first graceful kick in the pants from Him to move into a new season with Naptime Diaries. Since then, I've been confessing and repenting left and right of lies I was believing regarding art and business and what He could do in OUR business. I've seen Him bring ideas and vision where there was just discouragement and confusion. He's brought freedom and excitement where I felt locked up and scared. 

And I'm really thrilled to share all of this with YOU GUYS. To share the backstory, but also to share the fruit. To share this new product that I cannot wait to put in the hands of mamas EVERYWHERE. These are the questions I'd ask my mom friends at playdates and they're the same promptings for prayer that I'd use if we were going on a walk around the neighborhood together with strollers. I pray that this devotional + journal isn't just encouraging for you, but that God uses it to help you gain continual insight and excitement over what He is doing in your home and in your motherhood and in your family. 

We'll release the first Naptime Diary on April 15th when our Spring line launches, but we need your help before then! To pull in our amazing customers + friends, we'd love to have you vote on which cover you like for our first diary! You don't have to be a mom to vote and you don't have to fill out all the questions, but if you do - you'll find a little reward in the form of a discount code to our shop that can be used for the whole month of March! We'd be so blessed to have your help and mostly - we're so thankful for you guys, for your support of our business and the mission to get as many women seeing + believing God's Word as possible. 

We love you. 
Now vote. :)