Recap of February + March goals

Just as a reminder, I use Lara Casey's powersheets to define my goals each month,
and I'm excited to share the highlights here. As a recap, here are my February goals!

Well hey, hey, hey! Let's dig right in. February is over. What?! That means we're almost 1/4 of the way through 2015, which genuinely blows my mind. For me, February was hard but fruitful. It was like a short, rough, round in a boxing ring, but I ultimately walked out  unscathed and I'm grateful for that. 

To start March well, I wanted to really recap what worked and didn't work in February.

Here's what worked: 

- I was able to really normalize into book writing. Nick bought a Keurig for our bedroom and had it all set up for me for Valentines Day. So now, each morning I get up at 5am, start the Keurig, go to the bathroom and have coffee waiting on me so I can crawl back into bed, open my laptop and start writing. I get a solid hour and 45 minutes of writing done usually before the small people descend + the dog starts barking. I'm not sure I'd be able to write this book in a sane way without that Keurig in the bedroom. 
- God helped me push through a lot of business resistance. Um, goodness gracious February. In the last few years of running Naptime Diaries, I'm grateful to say I haven't had a day where I really really wanted to quit and not look back. BUT pretty much ALL of February that's how I felt. All in all, business was going great, our team is doing great, but my heart just encountered a lot of discouragement.  I think in the end, the enemy wanted me to quit before the Lord brought some breakthrough. But God brought the strength and grace to keep going and I'm glad for that.
- Nick and I did conflict well. I was tempted to feel like marriage revival didn't happen this month, but as Nick and I talked, we really saw growth and grace in our conflict. We talked through hard things and took some forward steps in our relationship. 
- Whole30 is off to a great start! I decided to do Whole30 for Lent, and I've loved that. I feel great and the Lord feels very near during the many temptations of the day! Documenting more of that here
- We found an office space. Woohoooo, this has been a huge, huge prayer and need in our life. Currently, our church is based out of our home as well as Naptime Diaries. With 4 kids, a dog, a live in roommate, 2 businesses, 3 employees, and a church - it can feel really cramped and panicky and overwhelming here. We prayed and God really delivered. We're hoping to sign a lease today and move in by the end of March. 
- I launched my coaching sessions. I debated doing this for so long and now I'm bummed I waited. February + March spots were gone in a day or so and I felt really invigorated by the women I met with in February. I think I'll tweak how and when I do the sessions, but in general it was such a blessing to really dig in with women and talk through their ideas and goals. 
- I was able to normalize my exercise routine. I posted a little more here, but this has been really two years in the making. It took me a solid 2 years to figure out when works best for me to exercise and what it takes for me to do it really faithfully. For all of February, I worked out 5-6 days a week and genuinely felt great doing it. 
- I got a LOT more sleep in February. Combing Whole30 + more exercise = Jess passing out at 8pm a LOT. And I felt great about that. 
- Lastly, I sorted through a lot of personal conflict. Looking back, I'd rather have not had conflict in relationships - but I am grateful for the fruit and the growth it brought. You know when you have a hard conversation looming or you've just come off one, even when it goes well - it just zaps you? I had what felt like a week straight of those, but the Lord did a lot of sweet work. 

Ok, things that did NOT go well: 

- In all honesty, I spent a lot less time with the Lord than I would've liked. My early morning writing time replaced my quiet time, so in March I'm looking to bump that writing time back just a little and go to Jesus FIRST. 
- Nick and I lacked good friend time together. We're usually faithful about date nights and somehow we missed weeks on end of dates in February. Because we work together all day, if we don't date one another well and spend quality time as friends, we turn into coworking roommates and it's not pretty. 
- One of my February goals was to revamp our afternoons and evenings, but I feel like I still just let afternoons and evenings beat me upside the head for most of the month. I felt wiped from work, didn't usually have a great plan for the kids, and in general I just wouldn't count many afternoons a win. 
- I didn't have enough emotional margin for the people I feel called to. Getting caught up in work stress, personal conflict, and carrying burdens of others instead of just caring for them - I missed out on loving the people who God has called me to in my immediate circle of family + ministry. 
- Other than sleep, I didn't rest well. I didn't do many creative things to recharge. I didn't spend many nights doing nothing. I didn't stop a few minutes before getting my kids in the afternoon to just breathe + pray. These are things that help me a ton. 

I share all that just to be real and genuine and say IT'S NOT ALL THAT TIDY UP IN HERE Y'ALL. But God is good and He helps pull fruit out of us. And in light of that sweet truth, here is what's coming up in March as far as goals!

March goals

- restart mornings with Jesus
- plan once a month intentional times with each kid alone
- start making some worshipful art again!
- design two new NTD products (what what! so excited for this)
- plan a half day with Nick for strategizing + planning
- continue Whole30 faithfully
- don't buy any clothing, jewelry, or accessories
- work on getting my cell phone far from me for sleep time, change my number + write my new texting rules (left over from last month) 
- finish Go Small + Essentialism (left over from last month) 
- revamp afternoons + evening rhythms

weekly goals

- hit weekly writing deadlines for Wild and Free
- write one note per week to Nick + kids
- be faithful to exercise plan
- connect with my mom + sister
- plan purely friend time WITH emotional margin
- pray 1 on 1 with a Gospel Community friend
- write 1 new blog per week and reblog something I've written 1 time per week
- declutter one room 
- have a planned prayer walk 
- passionate datenight

And that's that! 
I'm very ready to dig into March. 
What about you? What's on your plate for this month?