We want to bless the single mamas.

Nick and I were raised by two wild, fun, brave, bold single moms. One of our favorite past-times when we first met was trading stories about our moms and the sweet + fun things they'd do growing up. I'd talk about my mom letting us eat ice cream in the middle of Hurricane Hugo so she could distract us from being scared. He'd tell me about his mom dancing with him to Boys II Men. There were stories that made us feel somber, when we'd think about the crap we put them through or just how hard it might have been to do all that they were doing alone. 

But they weren't alone, were they? They had the power of the Holy Spirit, the Father drawing them near, and Jesus interceding on their behalf. And they kept going, even when they didn't want to. And they laughed and danced. And we are so, so grateful. 

So we want to use Naptime Diaries to bless all the mighty women of God who are doing it alone, but not. We want you to be able to have scripture on the walls of your homes as much as possible and that's why we're offering FIFTY PERCENT OFF EVERYTHING. Just for single moms, for just three days: Tuesday 3/23, Wednesday 3/24, and Thursday 3/25. Canvases, prints, and printables - you name it. If we sell it, you get it for 50% off. We're using an honor system, so please don't abuse it. But! If you're a single mom in any sense - you use that code up! 

We see you and want to be on your team. 
We want to cheer you on. 
We want to lift you up. 
We're grateful for you and we're learning from you. 
He is mighty in you. 

Jessi Connolly2 Comments