In case you're a Lent loser.

On the first day of Lent, I did a radio interview. It was fun and not something I typically do, but I really have grown to feel so super fond of this season and I was blessed to talk about why we celebrate Lent and how we celebrate Lent. 

My sweet family listened in and I remember my sister calling me after and being super encouraging. She mentioned how I used the phrase, "we're going to slow down and get quiet - let this season be sacred and see what God is doing in our lives". 

Well wouldn't you know, that's the exact opposite of what we did. The past 40 days have been some of the busiest I've had and I spent far less typical "quiet time" with God than I normally do. With book writing, Naptime Diaries, and Influence - it turned out to be one of my heaviest work seasons I've had in a long while. We took on a lot with the kids and family activities. I ran two races and increased how much I was working out. We spent less time being still and quiet. We most definitely didn't slow down. 

I don't know how you feel as we come to the end of this Lent, but I know how I feel: needy. I feel busted and more sure of my ability to stray. I feel like I need Jesus to get out of bed in the morning and to get dressed. I feel like I need His help to make coffee and talk to my kids. I feel less sure of my own goodness and more positive that He is the only good thing about me, at any given time of the day. 

Maybe you gave up your things perfectly and abstained from what you wanted to abstain from. Maybe you got slow and intentional and had five hour long quiet times. But maybe you're like me and you just realize all the more that you're needy and busted and sitting at the foot of the cross. 

And I just want to say, I think it's ok to be a Lent loser. It's ok to not have done anything. It's ok if you got so busy you forgot it was even Lent. It's ok if you ate chocolate two days in and vowed not to have it for the whole 40. It's ok if you screwed up bad in the last few weeks or you spent lots of days talking about God and totally missed out on talking to Him. 

Because we're all here. At the foot of the cross. 
Moreover, it seems like anything that keeps you bowed in humble worship and acceptance of your humanity might make you a Lent winner. 
So let's stay right here. Bended knees. Eyes on Him. Hands that once held our own goodness, released skyward in submission and surrender. 

We've got a few days left, Lord. We don't want to win or lose at Lent, we just want you to squeeze every ounce of glory out of this season. Take these days and show us what Lent, show us what Easter, show us what new life is all about. 
Thank you. We love you. 

Jessi Connolly8 Comments