How to Build a Jewelry Capsule

When I first heard the ideology behind building a capsule wardrobe, my overall thought was: good for them! Good for the people who want less things in their life and want to keep it simple! But not me! I like options. I like variety. I like stuff! 

And then a few years passed and the more I genuinely thought about it, the more I realized: I have four kids and two businesses and a church plant. I don't have time for too much stuff. Seven of us live in this house and I share a very tiny closet with my husband. God has given our family a vision of paying off our debt this year, saving for a home, and giving as extravagantly as possible to those in need - my money doesn't need to go to MORE stuff. Moreover, as time passes - I just want things like getting dressed to be one of the most simple parts of my life, not one of the more complex. 

But! I still want to look fun and funky and fresh. I still want to be able to express myself via clothing. So the idea of a really intentional + creative capsule wardrobe sounded like a great idea. I used this guide and spent the last few months really weeding out what I don't need, what doesn't fit, and what items just aren't me. I started looking ahead to spring + summer and decided to make a quick vision board of what I'd envision my capsule wardrobe looking like. I won't actually buy all these pieces, but this was just for me to wrap my head around it Here's what I came up with: 

When I look at that, it feels very ME. I love it. I want it all in my closet right now. But again, back to the point of it all - to live with less and save money. For now, I have a starting place when it is time to add pieces: I want them to most resemble this. 

Now, here's the problem. I built this whole shebang and I didn't see any jewelry. In fact, I started googling and pinteresting the phrase, "jewelry capsule" and I couldn't find anything. At that point, I went to my favorite gals who know everything about jewelry - the ladies over at Noonday Collection. Noonday is a company that creates beautiful + well crafted jewelry, designed by artisans across the world, to provide them with dignified jobs in vulnerable communities. Moreover, they empower women in the US to become entrepreneurs and sell the jewelry as ambassadors. And one step further, Noonday champions adoption by allowing women to host "adoption trunk shows" where 10% of the sales go to a family fundraising for adoption.

So I went to those wonderful women and said, Hey! What would it look like to build a jewelry capsule? Together we brainstormed what key pieces we'd encourage women to have in their wardrobe, to cover all their bases, and then of course we couldn't stop there. Here's what we came up with: 

- Everybody needs a good everyday hoop. These Octagon Hoop earrings are my absolute favorite and I get a compliment on them every single day I wear them. I also love these Crescent Moon earrings because they're versatile if you wear a lot of gold and silver.
- I think every woman needs a fun, funky necklace. Something you can throw on with jeans and a t-shirt to run errands in, but also wear for a night out with girlfriends. I think the Liberte necklace is such a great example of this! 
- I'm slow to the arm party trend, but I'm wishing I'd started wearing a bunch of bracelets years ago. Since I got this Meera bracelet a few weeks ago, I have not taken it off! 
- I think every gal needs one good dressy necklace in her wardrobe. Noonday has incredibly options like the Rope Ladder necklace or the Tidal
- Lastly, it never hurt anyone to have a little pop of color behind the ears. To me, these Jewel Drop earrings would brighten anyone's face right up and I love them!

While everything in me wants IT ALL from the Noonday Shop, I love that just a few key pieces would totally compliment everything in my wardrobe. Noonday and I decided to partner together and make sure one woman could see just how far five pieces of jewelry could go, so we're hosting a huge giveaway on instagram, It's super simple to enter: just repost the giveaway photo while using the hashtag #noondaycapsule, tag Noonday (@noondaycollection) in the reposted photo and make sure you're following both of us on insta. We'll choose a winner on Friday! 

And more than that, I have one other fun announcement regarding Noonday Collection! This week, our Naptime Diaries team finally moved into an office space - after months of praying and planning and dreaming. We are absolutely in love with our new office and to celebrate, we're holding our first public event AND making it a Noonday trunkshow all in one! 10% of the proceeds of the jewelry sales that night will go to benefit the adoption of Juliana Head, a local Noonday ambassador and a dear friend of mine. 

If you're local, we'd love to see you there! You can RSVP here

Make sure you head over to instagram and enter to win those five pieces of your choice. But while we're here, I am SO CURIOUS to know which five pieces you'd choose! :)