A sweet spring day.

photos by  Caroline Ro  Photography // makeup by  BonnBonnBeauty  

photos by Caroline Ro Photography // makeup by BonnBonnBeauty 

It's a sweet, sweet spring day around here. 

Four years ago this spring I opened an Etsy shop, on a whim. I was putting scripture up all over my home and was getting tired of so many little post-it notes, so I thought I'd try and make the scripture look pretty. After I had made a a few "prints", I decided I might try and sell them. So I made four designs, opened an Etsy shop, and hoped for the best. 

The best in my opinion, at the time, was that maybe Nick and I would be able to pay for a date night or two from selling these pieces of paper. I hoped we'd be able to support a few friends as they raised money for adoptions. I didn't really know or think to hope for much more than that. 

It's been four years and we've learned a LOT, mostly how little we knew about business to begin with. And we've learned that what started it all - a strong desire to surround ourselves with God's Word and help other people do the same - that has only grown. 

So today, we launch the Naptime Diaries Spring 2015 line and I could not be more grateful or excited. We've never put so much into a line before - our team left our blood, sweat, tears, and prayers on the table with this one. We've created our brand new Naptime Diary for Moms, which I've said is my favorite thing I've ever gotten to create. And it's honestly the product I need the most in my life right now. 

We've added a fun + cute new coffee mug, notepads, and a whopping TWENTY new designs to our shop - all available in prints + canvases. The short backstory to those twenty new prints is that I believe God's grace and freedom is all over them. They were made in a super worshipful atmosphere, in a hopeful space, and they weren't all made by me! Jen, our creative director, took on a huge portion of the designing of this line and that was absolutely God's best for all of us. It was so much more fun to collaborate with her and design with her, and the art she made is so stunning! 

All that to say: woohoo! It's there. In our brand new website, with lots of fun new pictures, and all new products. We pray it's a huge blessing to you and yours. 

Yay for spring!
Yay for God's Word! 
Thank you Lord for Naptime Diaries

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