On identity and abiding.

First up, I don't know how else to say it. I have a confession that I've long kept from the internet. I really, really, really love the Kardashians. I've watched every single episode of all the things. And I know that there are so many more important things in life, I really do. But I also want you guys to know that I really, really, really love them. I worry about them, I pray for them. I feel emotionally invested. I want good for them. I think God loves them so much and I also think He'd love to use them for His glory, so I pray for that. 

All that being said, when the big Jenner gender news came out on Monday, I had several close friends text me to see if I'd heard. And since then, I've read a good amount of articles and watched some videos and settled back at the same spot I always land on: this matters, it matters how believers respond, but also - so, so, so many other things matter. So it feels important to hold our hands open and ask God - How do you want us to feel about this and how do you want us to love the world in light of this? And then it feels important to move on. And get to more things that matter. 

But while we're here and while we're thinking on it - can we sit for a second and ask the questions that matter not just culturally - but very much personally? I'm talking to you, daughters of God: those who are called by Him and following, and I'm wondering - where does your identity lie? This to me, is such a battle over identity, and without opening that can of worms and commenting on anyone else's identity struggle, I want to ask us: Do we know about our own identity? Are we living out OUR God given identity? If light is the only thing that fights the dark, it feels like maybe the most worshipful and holy response would not be to criticize or fight or draw lines in the sand, but to really put our eyes on Jesus and get our hearts right with Him.

This summer as we're doing our Naptime Diaries Abide devotional, I feel really committed to digging into the idea of abiding in so many other areas of life. What does it look like to abide as a mom? What does it look like to abide on social media? What does it look like to abide while working? These are things I want to think through and will most likely blog through as well. But today I'm thinking - what does it look like to abide in our God given identity? 

When I genuinely read John 15, I hear real words about pruning and staying and remaining and fruit and being burned in the fire when we abandon our God given place. I also read about His love, His crazy love for us, that sent Jesus to the cross to die so that we could just  - so we could just remain. They're not soft words, but they are so life giving. 

And I'm talking to you and I'm talking to me, sister. Are we making excuses about our identity or are we waking up to the truth of who we are and Whose we are? Have we forgotten that we're called Beloved Daughters, Coheirs with Christ, Fishers of Men, part of a Holy Nation and a Royal Priesthood? Are we living in the light, relishing the beautiful and comforting identity of being found in Him? The identity that should put us at ease with the world, resting in the Gospel of Grace that says we can never be found out and we are always found worthy, in Christ alone. Moreover - the Gospel puts at ease when it takes us off the hook of ever actually being at ease, since THIS is not our home. And THIS is not our comfort. This is our worship and this is mission.

But are we spending our days shirking back? Scared and timid, tired and bruised, unsure of what we're meant to be doing and aimless - not certain where to look? 

I don't know all the answers to the debates or the cultural war that wages all around us concerning identity. But I do know Truth and Light and Life and Love and I know that when I look to Him, everything makes sense. I know that when I abide and rest and stop struggling with the man-made identity I so want to carve for myself, life starts to make more sense. And I know that same identity is wild and beautiful and alive in you. 

So here's my charge to you, to me, today: While culture wages war about identity, can we hold two arms definitively in the air and look to Jesus: the author and perfecter of OUR identities? Can we put our eyes on Him and say that we trust Him and we want to put away the striving and figuring and seeming to be anything other than what He has called us? Can we ask Him to make us His hands of love and light to a hurting world? 

And then, let's move on. 
Because even more things matter too.