The Sprout! The Sprout!

This post is long overdue as I've been meaning to share this for quite a few months. It's high time I introduce my new best friend: the HP Sprout

Ok, maybe not my actual best friend. But when HP offered to send us one of their brand new Sprouts, I know it was going to change our work flow for-ever. I watched a ton of videos before I ever got it, really trying to get my mind around all it could do. 

What most people couldn't get over was the 3d scanner. And I promise you - it's very exciting and thrilling and really, really fun to play with. You can see how Chassity over at Look Linger Love used it or how the girls at Oh Happy Day used the 3d scanner to make giant Photo Booth cutouts! There is no denying the scanner is cool cat. BUT. I have something to tell you about that I haven't seen anyone online talking about. 

That? Is the Sprout's paint app. It comes loaded on the Sprout and it is an artist's dream. I found myself calling SO MANY artists I know and begging them to come put their hands on the Sprout. This isn't your grandparent's PC paint app. Because of the Sprout's touch screen, it's 100% hands on, utilizing the fantastic touchpad that sits right on your desk. It has watercolor, charcoal, acrylic, oil, pencil, and crayon function and it is responsive like you wouldn't imagine. 

You pick your brush, pick your paint color (pick from every color in the world), then just paint right on the pad with your fingers. It responds like the medium would on paper - it blends like watercolor, it shows brush marks with acrylic, it's messy (at least virtually) and spreads like charcoal. But the most amazing part? YOU CAN ERASE. You can erase the last move you made, you can erase the last three strokes. You can start all over. 

No more wasting insane amounts of paper or paint. You have it all right there at your fingertips and it saves as very high resolution reproducible image.  

For us at Naptime Diaries, we ended up essentially making our entire Spring Line using the Sprout. Those painted backgrounds or abstract paintings - ALL DIGITAL. All made on the Sprout. What used to take us weeks and weeks, instead took us hours. And it was straight up FUN! 

I think the Sprout isn't just a fun little tool - it really brings SO MUCH freedom and fun for creatives and I cannot suggest it enough. I'll share a little more next week with another way we've really utilized the Sprout! 

Hope you guys are having a fantastic day.


Check out how we're using the Sprout on social media by looking at the hashtag: #naptimelovessprout