The Sprout, Part 2

Last week I came and told you all about how much I love the Sprout and why I genuinely believe all artists everywhere should give it a shot, namely for how you can make art on it. Then on Wednesday of that week, our shop came out with a new line of prints - heavily relying on painted pieces - so the natural question is: Did we use the Sprout to make the paint my prayers line? 

The answer is yes and no. And the answer is also part 2 of why I love the Sprout so much. 

While we used the digital painting app on the Sprout to exclusively create our Spring Line, I had an itch to get my hands around some brushes again this summer. That plus the fact that I've been gone from the office a lot for vacation meant that I needed to do some good old fashion painting. 

But it doesn't mean we didn't use the Sprout, and here's why. :) 

You know that special 3D scanner the Sprout has that everyone is doing projects with? It is also a phenomenal artwork scanner. Because of the overhead projector, there is no glass plate that touches your artwork - so nothing gets smushed and you lose none of the dimension of your art. I'd say one of the top questions I'm asked by other artists is how do I turn my painting digital to use them for prints. Because the quality of the image has to be so incredibly high for us to blow them up as prints, posters, and canvases - this can be a huge challenge. 

And now, secret revealed! It's all the Sprout. 

So whether you want to get your own hands dirty painting or you want to use the digital painting app and let the Sprout do most of the work - I can't suggest it enough! 

You can find the entire Paint My Prayers Line from Naptime Diaries here

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