Oh did you think everyday abundance was just about deep spiritual things like taking yourself out of the running? There's a lot of space for that, but let's be frank ladies - YOU GOTTA GET DRESSED. And I have a feeling that a lot of you don't feel like you're living in abundance when you stand in front of your closet. Am I right? 

Here's what I think abundance has to do with how we get dressed. We could pretend like this part of our life is really secular and separate and do whatever we want. Spend a million bucks on clothes, stress over our bodies, stress over the fact that we don't have a million bucks to spend on clothes, make it all about ourselves and how great we look, or make it all about how unhappy we are with our bodies and how we can't wear those cute things that other people are wearing. 

But none of that seems like abundance to me, it all seems like bondage. 

Where wardrobe and spiritual abundance meet for me? A wardrobe that a) allows me to glorify God in my finances b) a simple wardrobe that's easily cleaned, kept, and sorted through to pick out what I want to wear c) helps me to express myself in a worshipful way - believing that I'm not too much and I can get creative with what I wear because the God who created the Universe made me and lives inside me. 

So here a few hacks to help you out, that have really helped me out. 
These tips correspond to the collage above! 

A. Find a great black shirt. I mean, a great black shirt. One that fits amazing, wears well, and that you can wear 3 times a week and dress up in 3 different ways with different jewelry. Don't be scared to save up and spend more than $8 on it, because it will last you 2-3 years if you take good care of it. I love this one right now from Urban Outfitters

B. Save up for a good dress and don't immediately pay full price. I think a good dress is a really great thing to have once a year. You can wear it to every wedding, special event, whatever and change it up with accessories. Really don't stress about people seeing you in it more than once. Or if you're really worried about that, don't make it too distinct like this one.

Anthropologie is amazing for dresses and here's a trick! If you love a dress, put it in your cart using the website on your laptop. Anthro will save it in your cart and then you can go back and continually check in to see if it's on sale. Their dresses are almost always eventually cut in fourths! This one is NOT yet on sale, but I think it's exquisite. 

C. Target is now making cute distressed jeans. I repeat: Target is making cute distressed jeans. Run - don't walk. Whatever you save on buying these from Target instead of anyone else, you can put toward that special dress. 

D. I'm calling it now. Clogs are coming back BIG. So, real talk - I still haven't found any reasonably priced that aren't sold out. But the second I find some, you better bet I'll tell you guys. I feel like these would be such a great shoe investment. Wear casual, wear funky, wear in winter, spring, summer, fall. I found these at Top Shop, but they don't have my size and I'd still like to pay a little less for the pair I call my own. 

E. Grab a lightweight saggy jacket. There's probably a more fashionable name for this, but I got a jacket like this last year (mine is no longer available) and it was INVALUABLE to me throughout the winter, spring, and even summer. I wore it a million different ways, on a million different days. My husband eventually called it my security blanket. I like this one from Forever 21

F. My friend Jessica Kiger has a great online shop - Swish and Swoon - where she sells really nice designer clothing at a huge, beautiful discount! I love looking to her shop for fun, funky pieces like this Plot Twist Tunic Kimono. And I love knowing that I'm supporting her as she's loving on women and getting them great deal.

G. Ok women. If you notice, I include a lot of Forever 21 links because I'm not ashamed: I love Forever 21. If you shop well there, the stuff holds up ok and you just cannot beat the price. BUT - does anyone else ever feel like the clothes are made for small test tube monkeys and not regular sized women? Definitely not women who have had babies or nursed them, right? 

I'm a size 8/10 in normal clothes and a lot of stuff from F21 fits great on me, but some of it is just hilariously bad. My top, my bottom, my neck, WHATEVER - it just won't fit. But then I realized that Forever 21 plus sizes start at size XL which I believe is more like a size 8. And you should know I am not even slightly ashamed to shop in plus sizes, so if you need to - do it! it's never about the size, always about how you feel and if you can give God some glory in it. I'm thrilled to feel like I have a whole new side of F21 opened up to me. 

H. If you're like me and spend a few days a week in workout clothes, get some shoes that make you feel flashy and fresh. Fly-knit is all the craze these days. These Nikes are a splurge but they're on my Christmas list! 

I. A good casual dress is a winner in fall + winter. I'm a reformed dress hater, but I'm slowly catching on to how versatile they can be. An easy, comfortable, shifty dress like this feels like a huge win in winter. Wear it with boots and tights or a jacket and still be wearing it all summer with sandals and bare arms. 

Alright, nothing too life changing, right? But I hope it helps you not feel held hostage by getting dressed, instead like it's something fun and very, very doable. 

I'm really excited to hear any of your
wardrobe abundance tips! 

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