Here's why celebrating Advent matters.

You're busy women. I'm a busy woman. So I'm going to spit some words out and I'm just going straight bullet points, is that fair? 

- The world knows something special is coming. That's what Santa Claus and twinkle lights and Starbucks Red Cups are all about. But we, the women of God, actually know what that thing is: Jesus. When we celebrate Advent + Christmas with intention, we show them what that special thing is and it's even more beautiful when we invite them into that with us! 

- Our culture, our country, our Christian church has taken a beating in the last few months. We could use some hope, celebration, and joy that binds our hearts together instead of fighting over the things that tear us apart. 

- Celebrating Advent Is a direct oppositional attack to a consumeristic obsession that typically dominates the weeks that are coming. Celebrating Advent says that we're celebrating the fact that Jesus has come and is coming back more than we're celebrating the things that we want to be coming to us. 

So here's my deal, y'all. I've been obsessed with helping women celebrate Advent for the last few years and this year is no exception. The only difference this year is that I'm deadset on helping women do it in a way that is actually life-giving, not time-sucking. I want to help women celebrate Advent with their eyes on Jesus, not on the projects they can complete and the goodness they can produce. 

This year, I've got friends and a business partner and we've got a whole new story to tell. This year we asked the Lord to help us declare "Let it Be" over each day of our Advent - instead of trying to push women to do more, be more, fix themselves, or somehow do Advent right. We've worked with a bunch of our online friends to write a really peace-filled devotional - 25 entries, that also happens to be really beautiful. And on top of that, our devotional correlates to the Advent Calendar we make each year. It's beautiful too and it's just an easy way to celebrate in your home without going overboard, spending a ton of money, or using hours and hours of your time to make crafts. 

It's been a huge blessing for our family to utilize the calendar for the last few years and it is our JOY to celebrate this year again. We'd so love for you to join us. This is the last week to get your Amen Advent products and last year we sold out, so please - please don't wait! 

If you want to hear more, we've got a few opportunities for you to join us this week! 

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