Why I hope a million women read Wild and Free.

A million? I mean, come on. Ok, maybe not a literal million, but as many as possible. 

But for the record: I’d also take a literal million. Either way, here's why I hope A WHOLE LOT of women get it in their hands, one way or another. 

I hope a million women read this book because it tells them they already are wild and they already are free and it affirms that by unpacking how wild and free our Heavenly Father is. 

I hope a million women read this book to hear that God considers them His treasure and not a tool. 

I hope a million women read this book because I’ve seen women start crying just looking at the anthem. (read the anthem here) I want as many daughters of God as possible to read those words, claim them to be true over their lives, and speak them to the women they know. 

I hope a million women read it so they can find some tools to flourish in relationship, instead of feeling buried in comparison, shame, and loneliness

I hope a million women read it and our generation can breathe a collective sigh of relief and stop striving so hard. I hope we can all hear and rub in the truth that we can rest wildly in the work Jesus did for us on the cross. 

I hope a million women read this book, but really I hope it impacts women one by one - the way the message behind it has impacted me. I hope YOU get to read it and I hope it's a blessing to you. 

There are a bunch of other reasons, but lastly I’ll tell you - I hope a million women read it because saying that is ME stretching my own wild and free. I feel like Hayley and I could approach this book launch feeling like too much - scared to promote our book or talk too much about it. Fearful of making a fuss or seeming like we’re proud of the work God has done through us. I think we could approach the book launch feeling like not enough - scared to be found out as frauds or lacking the skills to lead women, write books, or even live out the ideas God had us write about. 

BUT. I believe He is leading us to be wild AND free in the process of sharing our book. So I’m talking to you like a bold daughter - who believes God is mighty in her, has covered her sin with the blood of the lamb, and has called her up to be an ambassador of His ministry. 

And I’m also asking for your help. Would you help us share this book? We’ve crafted some massive gifts for women who preorder the book because we want to make it such an easy decision. 

I’m going to share some of the details below, but you can head to our preorder page to see all the crazy things we're giving away. And if you have any questions about the book, I'll hang in the comments today to answer. 

Thanks times a million friends. Wild and Free for life. 

Here are some of our preorder gifts as well as places you can preorder the book!  

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