August Goals

The other day on instagram, I made my case for snapchat. I know that snapchat gets a bad reputation, I used to think it was only for crazy teens and creepers - but it's very quickly become my favorite social media spot. Right now it's rough and vulnerable and GENUINE. Nothing staged or too purposeful, but I digress! Another reason I like snapchat is for real, quick feedback. Today I was meeting with Jen, my ministry partner for all things writing and speaking, and we asked snapchat: 

Do you like to read blog posts about goals? Specifically, do you like reading mostly update posts about goals? I DO. I can't get enough of other people's posts about goals. I love Lara's, Nancy's, Cheyenne's, Val's. I love when women get vulnerable and say: Hey! This is what I'm gonna try to to do. This is where I feel God calling me. No stress if it doesn't happen, but this is where I'm pointed. 

I'm the self-proclaimed-unashamed-biggest-fan ever of Lara Casey's PowerSheets. If there's a woman in the United States that has bought more sets of powersheets than me, I'd like for the Lara Casey Shop girls to introduce us. I buy them for myself, I buy them for my friends, I buy them for my family. I love them and they're my favorite goal setting tools around. 

This year, I'm using the Powersheets per usual and also settling in to work through the Fall into Freedom Workbook I released last week. Over the next few weeks I'll be blogging through what I learned during this Summer to Thrive and how it's leading me to Fall into Freedom, but first! Let's get started with some plain old simple GOALS. My plan is to start regularly blogging goals again and doing a follow up each month. 

Without any more blabbering on,
here are my August 2016 goals! 

(monthly goals) 
- Assemble a Wild and Free college team (see more info here!
- Pick a devotional book to read with Glory (cause she's my sister now!
- Set up my own Bible Study + Writing spot in our house
- Diving into writing Book #2 (due date is November 1st!) 
- Announce new Naptime Diaries partnership, business name, and launch Fall line! (First announcement here, second coming soon, and fall line launching August 24th) 
- Set up a good after-school routine
- Start taking my supplements again (These are the basic ones I take
- Make a friend love language list to love my people well

(weekly goals) 
- Meet once a week with Nick to go over church, family, business stuff
- Take 24 hour sabbath each week (Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon) 
- Workout 5 times (backed off from my old goal of 6, woohoo for backwards movement in the best way!) 
- Send 1 newsletter and post 1 blog
- no TV in bed on weeknights (this is why I post these. Because typing them out is ACCOUNTABILITY) 

(daily goals) 
- Get 7 hours of sleep
- Phone free 3-8pm
- Talk to Jesus
- Do a headstand
- Kiss Nick
- Ask my kids about their hearts. 

Alright, I'll get into the deeper heart thoughts behind some of those goals in the coming posts, but I think that's a boatload of info for now. Excited to come back September 1st and see where we landed. 

Do you post your goals? Leave a link in the comments so we can all run together intentionally!