Can you picture it?


Because we all do better with a little positive reinforcement, will you indulge me while I paint a picture of a season that I think we could absolutely step into and craft with our relationships and lives? Will you let me describe what I think it could look like to dance, stand, and run?

I know that you all are the choir—you’re the faithful, you’re the ones whose hearts are already tuned to hear His voice and see His hand. But I’ve heard it said that you preach to the choir for one reason alone, and that’s to get them to sing. This is a time where the women of God so badly need to hear one another’s voices, rising louder in victorious harmony in praise of a very good God. They need a song that is louder than the fighting, the shoulding and shaming, the striving and slander. We need a new song of truth and I’m begging you choir, come sing with me.

But I’ve heard it said that you preach to the choir for one reason alone, and that’s to get them to sing.

Come sing and step into the choreography of the abundant life.

I can picture us, the women of God stepping into a new season of understanding grace. In this scenario, women are learning to love the grace they’re being consistently and lavishly given from the Father. They of course feel the weight of their daily sin and brokenness, but they find their identities rooted in sainthood more than they find it in their sin. And as it turns out, they sin LESS where grace abounds! When they recognize the areas they fall short in, dance in the mercy and forgiveness they’ve been given, they’re so much less prone to keep on sinning. Their eyes aren’t closed by defiance and their hearts aren’t made heavy with pride. Not only do they dance in the grace they’ve been given, but they want it for the women, the men, everyone around them.

Since they’re quick to repent, they’re also quick to forgive—they know that they can continually expect to need Jesus themselves and they also anticipate the people they’re in community with needing Him as well. Neediness is no long a bad word amongst these women of God, they don’t apologize for their tears or their prayers or their tenderness. They’re not afraid of grace, they dance to the rhythm of freedom, since they’re no longer chained to obligation or condemnation—they’ve got the margin to tether their hearts to the love of their actual lives, Jesus. They want to go where He goes and follow where He’s leading and they don’t just know they’ve been rescued, they know where it is they He have rescued them to.

Are you in? Will you sing with me?

My fervent prayer is that God changes the tone and the content of the conversation our culture is having about grace, holiness, and mission. I could use your help and I'd love to give you some gifts if you preorder Dance Stand Run. Let's change the conversation and lead in some abundant freedom and joy - starting with ourselves. 


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