Let's dance, stand, and run.

You guys, I'm so excited (and sweaty) to share this first little snippet of news. 

I'm coming in hot with no official pictures or any kind of strategic plan, but I've been dying to tell you all a little more about Book #2 and I just got the green light this morning from my friends at Zondervan. I've been in the process of writing this book for a few months now, but I'm officially in THE THICK OF IT and it feels like it's time to spill the beans and share with the world so it doesn't feel so sneaky and secretive. 

I should start off with this: This is NOT the book I'd planned to write. Book #2 was always going to be something else, something a lot lighter and easier to write on. That book may still come or it may not, but in the beginning of the summer the Lord starting messing with my heart regarding a whole separate subject. What has followed has been a lot of sweaty obedience and that's still really where I'm at today: sweating, shaking hands, typing and crying and typing some more, praying and processing, trying to get this book out - one that doesn't feel light or fluffy or easy to talk about. 

If you get my No Filter newsletter, you might have gotten an email a few months ago with the title, "I Forgot About Holiness". In it I wrote about how I'd always known we don't receive grace because of our holiness or our good works, but I'd forgotten that grace was supposed to spur us on to holy living and loving. I started asking myself, "Have I traded holiness for grace? Have I forgotten that God empowers us to live set apart AND dancing in His grace at same time?". The conviction of that question was enough for me. I didn't feel like I need to lead anyone in it or write anything about it, but again - the Lord kept messing with me. 

When I first felt the tug to potentially write about this, I was journaling and writing these words, "I'm not the holiness girl. I'm the wild and free girl. I like pop culture and I love giving women GRACE and I don't have any right to be the one saying we need to remember that we stand on Holy Ground as women of God. I'd rather talk about MISSION - about running with God and getting stuff done." But I heard the Lord, my husband and friends, and finally my editors say back: It's the wild and free women, the ones who understand grace and freedom, that need to talk about holiness. Really ALL of us could use some talking about holiness, shouldn't we do it with grace and mission all mixed in the conversation? 

So that's what I'm doing. Writing this book, which is currently being called Dance, Stand, Run (but could change!), as a refresher on God's grace, a reminder about the holy ground we stand on as daughters of God, and a call to run on mission with Him. It's filled with honest and vulnerable stories, but it's also paired with study - some deep diving into God's Word so we can get His take on these issues. It's a call to be used by God to change the world without being changed by it in the process. It's a call that I'm trying to write and answer all at once, and wouldn't you know, that's taking a lot of GRACE. So - full circle, amen? 

And why am I sharing all this TODAY?

a) I'll take your prayers if you've got them. Truly, how many times can one person mention they're sweaty in one blog post? 
b) Today is exactly ONE YEAR to the date of the book's launch - it will come out October 24th 2017, so today feels sweet and symbolic. 
c) I'm truly in the thick of writing this book and this is my placeholder online to say - I'm going semi-dark until it's done. I'll be on instagram less, I'm not sending any newsletters in the meantime - the only spot I'm hopping on a good bit is my Facebook page where I've been asking questions to hear from real women as I write. I'd love if you'd join us over there so I can get your take on grace, holiness, and mission as I go.

I believe it's time that we stop "should"ing and shaming one another. I believe it's time we look to God for grace and look down at our feet to remember where He has purchased us to. I believe that when we grab His grace and stand our holy ground, we'll be compelled to run on mission. And I'm so ready to dance, stand, and run with all of you. 

Amen? Amen.  

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