Goals for the rest of the year.

For a quick recap, I got meningitis. Womp womp. 

I've shared on social media, but I'll spare you the long drawn out story. It involves a 7 day long migraine, vomiting, a spinal tap, 3 nights in the hospital, lots of pain, and God doing a lot of rescuing and healing. I'm home now, resting for however long it takes till I'm feeling back to 100%. 

I came home on Sunday and was still pretty much in sit and stare mode. TV hurt my eyes, reading was out of the question, and using my phone felt like it sent daggers through my brain. But on Monday I started to get my bearings and I was thrilled to open my calendar and make a massive discovery. My. Calendar. Was. Essentially. Blank. 

The last few months were freakishly intense. Hayley and I finished our edits on Wild and Free. We hosted our fourth Influence Conference. At Naptime Diaries we launched our Back to Basics Fall Collection, then built and launched our Advent products. Between Nick and I we had three conferences in three weeks, Nick had two weddings, our city flooded, and those kids were still their normal selves - wanting attention and needing love and care. The first day I felt sick I thought, "I wouldn't be surprised if I got really, really sick". And that's no way to live. 

So now I'm healing from meningitis, flipping through my mostly blank calendar, truly praising the Lord for the sickness that is letting me pause and ask God - What do you want the rest of this year to look like? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to not do? 

So typically - I'm a 100% goals girl. You can see some of my past goals here. Often when I ask God what He wants me to do, that sometimes fleshes out in the form of goals so naturally I started thinking about the end of the year. October was passing kind of quickly, but November, December? What should my goals be? 

For me - other months of the year, other seasons are often about barreling forward and taking new ground. But I looked at those blank calendar pages and felt a firm sense that the Lord didn't want me to pioneer somewhere else, but He wanted me to finish well. Not necessarily fill those pages, but protect the margin He'd brought. I'm going to share my goals for the rest of the year below, but maybe you needed to hear that too: You might not charge ahead fearlessly, but you can still finish well. For my friends who are still charging - I'm cheering you on from the sidelines! (end of year goals below) 

End of 2015 Goals: 
1. Continue Making Our Home a Place of Peace
2. See our church Thrive and Grow
3. Grow in Intimacy and Passion in Marriage
4. Lead Naptime Diaries to His Next Steps for Us
5. Shepherd Wild and Free to Launch
6. Step Across the Finish Line to being Debt Free as a Family
7. Grow in Physical Health
8. Tighten Margins
9. Cast Vision for Personal Ministry

Specifically, action steps I want to take in October: 
1. Reimplement my 3pm-8pm phone free rule
2. Take our bedroom analog. No phones or computers! 
3. Protect Friday 3pm - Sunday night family time
4. Meet once weekly with Nick about Gospel Community
5. Outline Gospel Community communication plan
6. Meet with a business professional about next steps for Naptime Diaries
7. Plan a day of prayer + planning for NTD
8. Get eyes on all bank accounts and outstanding bills
9. Heal from meningitis!
10. Complete 3 day juice cleanse
11. Revamp my weekly schedule
12. Brainstorm blog + newsletter content through the end of the year

Now, those might sound like a lot, but a lot of them are just intentional action items. Some might take 5 minutes and some might take 5 tries to get it right (3pm-8pm phone free, I'm looking at you). I'm excited to report back in November and see what finishing strong will look like there. 

How about you?
Are you dreaming up new things or barreling ahead?
Is God calling you to hold steady where you're at and finish well?
I'd love to hear below. 

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