So here's the plan

Two weeks ago marked the end of my eight week journey with Weigh Less to Feed More. I cannot say how incredibly blessed I was by going through that program and the intense amount of fruit that the Lord brought to my life through it. While it is absolutely a health plan, for me - the growth that came in my heart was the biggest change. I wrote pretty in depth about what was happening in there, but here's a recap of the overall program's effect. 

1. I did lose 8 pounds. So, there's that. More than the actual weight loss - I got MUCH stronger. Clothes that didn't fit are starting to fit and there isn't much exercise I'm scared I can't do now.

2. I drastically changed my eating and broke free of several food addictions. Y'all I've had a decade long addiction to sweet n' low. I'm not scared to admit it now, but when I say addiction, I mean ADDICTION. I haven't had any since the last day of February and I feel so great. I'm also only having Diet Coke occasionally now, when it was more like 2-3 a day prior to this. 

3. I feel like the Lord has almost eradicated the shame I felt over my body. Before, I would avoid looking at myself in the mirror and the period in between showering and getting dressed brought me shame and anxiety. Now, I'm at the place where I can stand in the mirror and smile - not because I have pride or because my body is so smoking hot, but because I know that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made. I really genuinely love my body and am so grateful for it. 

4. Most of all, I'm EXCITED about health again. Before learning from Revelation Wellness, I just felt constantly less than. Not healthy enough, not fit enough, not thin enough. Now - I feel FULL of health. I feel excited to walk in the health God has already given me. I am excited to see just how healthy He might want this body to be, so I can serve Him as long as possible. 

But I obviously need a plan moving forward, right? 

Foodwise: I'm still sticking to the basic plan that was laid out in Weigh Less to Feed More. It's not a bunch of strict rules - no "eat this, don't eat this". It's a general idea of portion sizes and scientifically-wise combinations of types of food - protein, carbs, vegetables, etc. Every week when I do our meal planning, I make a list of our dinners then a list of good breakfast and lunch ideas for myself based off the food program. I do have one meal a week (generally our date night) where I eat whatever sounds fun (until I'm full), but otherwise - really trying to stick to the plan. 

One little note on food: 
I'm really having to relearn portion sizes. Yeesh. This is a struggle for me, but I'm just having to rewrite what used to seem appropriate. And water. Drinking a ton of water still feels like a big old choice each day. 

Exercise Wise: 
As far as moving my body is concerned, I've realized that I don't like to work so, so, hard. (Insert crying/laughing emoji) I mean, I DO like it after it's done - but if I don't make myself MOVE, I won't. My workout schedule for the week looks a little like this: 2 shorter runs with a little bit of strength training afterwards, one long run (4-6 miles, running as much as possible), 2 hard cardio/metabolic training workouts where I really have to push myself, and one day of hot yoga (my special favorite treat for myself). I also do a little yoga sprinkled in through the week too, after workouts or right when I wake up/before I go to bed. 

Other than the yoga and the running, I'm using the videos from Revelation Wellness VIP program. I cannot suggest these more. For $10 a month, you have access to SO MANY life-giving videos: yoga, cardio, strength, HIIT, easy, challenging, whatever! And they're also so encouraging. 

Mostly I'm just trying to ENJOY it! 
Every meal, every workout, every day - just asking the Lord - how healthy can we get? How fun can this be? What truth do you want me to hear and how might you want to push me? 

And, like I shared yesterday, I'm instagramming my way through it all. This has been so fun for me. Don't follow @naptimewellness if you only want to see one post a day, because it may just be one of my favorite new places to post. 

So I'd love to hear from you guys - are you on a plan?
Does health and wellness come naturally to you or is it
something you have to work and push for?
Let's talk below in the comments!