Some women I've got to tell you about today.

My heart is just too full today, instagram posts weren't going to cover it. I need tell you about a few things going on in the interwebs and honestly, just amongst the women of God I know in my life. 

The Influence Network

Hayley Morgan and I started The Influence Conference in 2012 and The Influence Network in 2013 and since then we've worked with an amazing team of five other women to build an online community of women seeking to explore their God given influence right where they are. For the past three years we've shifted and prayed and worked to revamp the membership network and the place where it's at right now? Is so STINKING exciting to me. 

Here's the skinny: For $15 a month you get one free online class per week. (sidebar: these classes are amazing. Teachers from Lara Casey, Annie Downs, Katie Bryan, and so many more) You also get access to online forums and regional groups to connect with women all over the world. You also get free books throughout the year via our book clubs AND discounts to our events. If that wasn't enough, we also make a donation to Shama Women in your name each and every month. I would LOVE to see you over there. You can join today by clicking here

Also! We still have a few tickets to our One Day Event in Charlotte, NC this April

Francis and Benedict: 

Six months ago my sister had just gotten back from Togo, Africa and she sat on my couch with a crazy fun dream. She wanted to take the beautiful wax print fabrics that she saw in the markets of Africa and make beautiful modern garments for women around the world. I'm not really sure how she pulled it off so quickly, except she has the Lord on her side and an amazing team of volunteers helping her. Today the winter line of Francis and Benedict launches and there are a few things you need to know about it: 

1. It's so stinking beautiful. 
2. It directly affects women in Togo, Africa who are now making a noble, honorable wage and are able to care for their families. 
3. It's named after Pastor Francis and his wife Benedict, two amazing Kingdom shifting believers of God who are overseeing all the production in Africa. 

The skirts WILL sell out, so run over there now and grab yourself one! 

IF Gathering

Lastly, IF Gathering is this week and it's a gathering of global women under the banner of Christ. I'll be flying to Austin for the in person event, but there are local gatherings literally all over the world AND you can register to watch online. I know some of the women behind IF and I know that their hearts beat for Christ ALONE. I'm so expectant personally for what God is going to do in my heart, but also wildly expectant for what the Father is going to do globally for His girls this coming weekend. 

Hop over to the If website to see where you can find a local gathering or register to watch online


Mostly I'm just excited and expectant for all God is up to in the Kingdom with His daughters today.

I know He is mighty in your life and in your corner of the world today too. 



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