Move in Love

Hey all, Jessi here. You guys loved Alisa's post (from Revelation Wellness) so much last week that I asked her to come back and I actually asked her for more than just a guest post this time:). I asked if she'd do us a huge favor and share two videos from the RevWell VIP TV. VIP TV is their monthly subscription service. You pay $10 a month and get access to dozens of Christ-centered workout videos, with new ones coming each month. I am not getting paid to promote VIP TV and I pay for it myself, I cannot recommend it enough. Kickboxing, HIIT, yoga, cardio, strength training, stretching, all - kinds - of - videos. I'll stop talking and let Alisa share below!

Hi friends!

It melted my heart last week to hear that after reading my post about health & wholeness while on vacation, some of you are no longer dreading vacation, and some of you are actually looking forward to the getaway as an opportunity to start fresh! Thank you to those of you who took the time to reach out to me to share how God is loving you into a bold, free, and spacious place. It’s good to know that I am NOT crazy and that God didn’t make a mistake when he told me to make a go at a fitness/wellness ministry. (Seriously...I thought, “No way,” when He first called me. Just purely out of how lame and “button-up-praise-the-Lord-church-lady” the whole concept seemed to me. But that’s another story about obedience and my comfort eventually becoming my misery.)

Jessi came up with a GREAT idea, and possibly a solution for some of you who will find it difficult to make time for intentional movement while on a summer schedule. As you may know, Jessi is a partner with Revelation Wellness. She’s on mission with us to love God, get healthy, be whole, and love others. Her partnership with us gives her access to VIPtv; our online, at-home or on the go, workout and wellness videos.  These aren’t toe-tapping,  praise-the-LORD,  stay-in-control-and-maybe-break-a-sweat  kind of workouts. These are multi-level and ability workouts , created with one goal in mind…to WORK OUT of you what is not of God and WORK IN to you all of God’s love and power. To help strengthen you to decrease so HE can increase. That’s never easy.  And that is the posture of our lives where wholeness is found and kept.

We thought it would be fun to give you all FREE access to a couple of Jessi’s workout faves in VIPtv. These workouts will be available to you, on this blog post through Sunday, July 6th. 

I am begging you…please give these workouts a try. Give me 20 minutes or so to marvelously ruin you.  If you have never moved your body with Jesus as the unashamed center of why you are willing to get uncomfortable and move… you haven’t really experienced fitness as it was created to be.

***VIPtv includes a series of warm-up videos. The videos posted here go right into the workout, so if you can, be sure to spend a few minutes of movement before pressing play.


Don’t let the word “yoga” fool you. This is a great low-impact, muscle-burn workout. Anything goes when you see the word fusion. All kind of goodness and sweaty fun is coming your way.


This workout will challenge you to get your heart rate up and keep it there for a full 20 minutes. Your lungs and legs are about to battle. But your mind in Christ gets the final say.



Let us know what you think! Jessi and I would LOVE to have you join our sweaty band of Revelation Wellness , healthy & whole, fitness-misfits, found in VIPtv. If you end up purchasing any program or enrolling in VIPtv, be sure to let us know you heard about us from NTD when you check out in order to be entered in our fitness giveaway. 


Peace, friends.